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Create a century-old enterprise, achieve sustainable development

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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

Company culture

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Guangjin International Group Corporate Culture




Guangjin spirit

During the hard entrepreneurial process,

Guangjin has built the Wolf spirit.

Change the Wolfis character to the endeavoring and flexible spirit,

And apply it into the Group's business.

Guangjin spirit, is a kind of innovation spirit and tenacious fighting spirit.

Is a tool to seek survival and development in the competitive market

Is a kind of foresight to actively pursue the evolution rules of nature, Strengthen the collective sense of crisis, improve the decision-making

A strategy: creating 100 year famous enterprise

Dominated by enterprise culture, supported by talent strategy,

Insist on technology innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation,

To occupy the high-end market with differentiation strategy, strive for Creating a 100 year famous enterprise

Two objective: strives for realism and innovation;serves the society.

With truth-seeking spirit,

Do everything from the enterprise reality, constant pursuit of technological innovation and progress, forms the enterprise core competitiveness,

To continuously provide high quality products, serve the society.

Three ethical people treatment :be good and kind to employees,customers and shareholders.

With broad mind, adhering to the"people-oriented"and the concept of "thanksgiving",

Be good to the employees,customers and shareholders who we spend on for survival and development.Treat employees as precious wealth;

Treat customers as our collaborate brothers and partners;Treat shareholder as the driving force and strong point for supporting our development.

Organizational goals

To build a loyal and dedicated staff team.

A stable and honest customer team.

A absolute sincere and cooperative shareholders team.

Core culture

1 .[Mission] Focus on customer needs, provide customers with better products and services with more advanced technology and management; create a broad career development space for employees; achieve sustained capital appreciation returns for shareholders; undertake a comprehensive corporate social responsibility for the community.

2.[Vision] Creating a world-class construction engineering enterprise and supply chain service providers.

3.[Values] A hundred years of progress, and seek common development; family and friends counterparts; sharing interests and common responsibility.

4.[Business philosophy] The market is iron, the customer is steel, the benefit is guarantee; honest and trustworthy, homeopathy innovation, output abilities; link resources, build a platform, and achieve win-win cooperation.

5.[Management concept] The goals focuses on unity, the process focuses on inspection, the results focus on evaluation, performance focuses on credibility. (Goal-oriented individual achievement drive, the system supports a small team operations)

6.[Quality and safety concept] Quality is life; Safety first,life is paramount.

7.[Talent concept] Both ability and political integrity, based on virtue;Merit first, merit first.Employee growth, internal promotion.

8.[enterprise spirit ] Embrace the ideal, keep fighting and never give up.