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Trends in the plastics industry

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In march, huawei launched an 8 series of fantasy phones specially designed for young people in xi 'an. The vision 8 series released by huawei is not only desirable in the core configuration of the phone, but also impressive in appearance, especially the plastic rear cover. It is understood that the back cover of huawei imagination 8 series phone is made by IMT technology. IMT technology integrates the advantages of a variety of decorative processes, absorbs the advantages of IMR process injection molding and transfer printing, makes up for the limitations of traditional appearance decoration, and meets the requirements of high level of product appearance. The product using this process has the advantages of being light, multi-color and more stable.

In addition to the back cover of the mobile phone, the medium frame of the 8 series of mobile phones is made of si-pc +10% special fiber reinforced material, which has the advantages of stable size, good surface floatation effect, good fluidity and easy molding, making the whole body rigid and strong toughness. The use of numerous plastic materials makes the imagine series 8 phones feel round and comfortable, and the body is firm and wear-resistant. While maintaining the high quality and cost performance of the phones, it brings better experience to the users. The application of plastic products on mobile phones will greatly promote the development of the plastics industry.

Plastic is used in some other electronic products as well as mobile phones. At the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas in January, countries showed off their "black tech" products. Chinese company xiaomi has demonstrated a concept product --90 points smart following suitcase. To reduce the weight and size of the wheels, the product will use a new plastic material, which is stronger than ordinary material and is both safe and lightweight.

SONY of Japan has introduced a new generation of electronic dogs made from plastic. Although there are different requirements for the properties of plastics in the bones, joints, shells and other important parts of electronic dogs, there are many types of plastic materials that can meet the requirements. Iman and dell released "iman Omnos" 5.1.2 panoramic sound Soundbar home theater and the new XPS 13, the biggest feature of which is the extensive use of plastic materials. This shows that consumer electronics opens a new market for plastic products.

Not only in consumer electronics, but also in automobile manufacturing, the use of a large number of plastic materials is driving the development of the plastics market. Because new energy vehicles are subject to engine technology, they have to be lightweight in order to make them go farther. The use of modified plastics in automobiles worldwide has increased from 7.1 million tons in 2012 to 11.3 million tons in 2018 due to its excellent performance.

In China, the growth rate of automobile production is far higher than the global level, but the amount of plastic used by Chinese automobile bicycles is lower than that of developed countries in Europe and America, which shows that there is a huge space for the development of the amount of plastic used by domestic bicycles. In particular, the rapid development of new energy vehicles needs the support of modified plastics. According to the statistics of authoritative institutions, in the next five years, the demand of automobile modified plastics in China will meet the growth rate of over 26%.

In addition to electronics, there is a huge demand for plastic materials in communications. On February 23 this year, huawei and vodafone completed the first 5G call test, and the 5G era is coming. 5G is the 5th generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, also known as the fifth generation mobile communication technology, which is an extension of 4G technology. The theoretical download speed of 5G can reach up to 10Gb/s. Industry experts believe 5G will be commercially available in 2020. In terms of 5G features, both communication base stations and terminals will use plastic materials.

The outdoor environment of 5G base stations is expected to be more extreme, with base station equipment facing trials in polar regions, highly weathered areas and desert areas. The commonly used hardware cover has been unable to adapt to the extreme environment, strong stability, extreme temperature resistant plastic materials will become the first choice. The use of less dielectric plastic material in terminal equipment can help the equipment to adjust radio frequency more conveniently. This kind of plastic material is also urgently needed by handheld terminal manufacturers.

Due to its unique and excellent properties, plastic materials can be used in many new fields. In the future, with the development of science and technology, the application field of plastic materials will gradually increase, and the market of plastic products will be broader.