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The Chinese in Angola donated blood, and the compatriots in the car accident turned to safety— The Group’s Angola branch activel

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On the evening of January 5, a Chinese enterprise vehicle was involved in a car accident dozens of kilometers on Caoito's road to Soyo. Many people were injured. Among them, driver Guo suffered an impact on his abdomen and suffered serious injuries.

Gai Wen, the company of Gai Wenkang, and Zhang Hai, the representative of the Polaris Group, and Liu Haibin, the representative of the Henan Chamber of Commerce, who provided assistance in the hospital early in the morning.

Guo was subsequently transferred to the President's Hospital for treatment. After rescue and emergency surgery, the injured Guo was sent to the intensive care unit for observation.The doctor said that because of abdominal and chest injuries, a second surgery is likely.

Because Guo's blood type is rare panda blood (O Rh-, or O Rh negative).Liu Haibin of the Henan Chamber of Commerce was informed of the help information on the Internet. The news quickly spread in the WeChat group such as the Volunteer Alliance and the Kikuxi Security Group. The enthusiastic friends relayed, and soon the circle of friends spread the help information.

Yao Lihong, executive director of the conference, is calling for help.

At 7 o'clock on the morning of January 7, Liu Haibin rushed to the hospital. At least 40 O-type blood Chinese compatriots rushed to the President's Hospital to test the blood. About 20 people rushed to the hospital for testing in the afternoon.At the same time, more than a dozen Chinese have rushed to the China Railway Fourth Hospital for blood tests.Our reporter saw a lot of blood donors in the President's Hospital. Everyone came in a hurry and left in a hurry.

Huafei Company’s Chen Shanyu and Gaiwenkang Molly rushed to the hospital immediately after learning that they were in compliance with the required blood type,But both of them were too thin, and the request for blood donation was rejected by the doctor.In China, a unit's blood donation is 200 cc, and each person can donate up to 400 cc at a time, but in Angola, a blood donation is 450 cc.

After seeing the help information, Yao Lihong, executive director of the Executive Council, immediately mobilized the staff of Oriental Tea Garden to prepare blood donation.A Chinese entrepreneur who ate at the Oriental Tea Garden immediately rushed to the hospital because he knew that he was this blood type. He did not meet the requirements twice on the afternoon of the 7th.The Chinese did not give up, and they rushed to the President’s Hospital again the next day and were still rejected.

Polaris Group Zhang Hang, Yi Jingzhong, Beer Village Zhou Xiaoli, all Chinese enterprises continue to expand mobilization, looking for O Rh-blood source.

Beginning in the afternoon of January 7, everyone began to expand the scope of mobilization, through the Portuguese language help information on various social platforms, seeking support from foreigners including white people.

Portuguese Ricardo

Hard work pays off. On the evening of the 7th, a Portuguese named Ricardo successfully donated blood and rekindled hope in everyone's heart. On the 8th, another Chinese Mr. Ye successfully donated blood.

On the morning of the 7th, Liu Haibin, deputy general of Henan Chamber of Commerce and vice president of Guangjin Group, rushed to the hospital for assistance. At noon, Liu Haibin rushed to a Chinese restaurant to prepare lunch for the injured family and company guards. Yang Liming, another vice president of Guangjin Group At noon, I rushed to the hospital to see and do blood test.

At the same time, Counsellor Zhang Zhengxi of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China was very concerned about the situation, quickly coordinated, and provided information about the blood bank of the relevant medical and health institutions in Angola.

On the morning of the 9th, good news came from the hospital. The injured person was out of danger. The doctor said that he needs to continue to observe and determine whether surgery is needed.

O Rh-blood type introduction

The O Rh-blood type among Asians is very rare. It is said that only three-thousandths of the O-type blood is Rh-.The answer to the question and answer platform is that one of the answers to the last nickname Dong Dazhao’s friends is this:Rhhes monkeys, meaning the rhesus monkey blood type system, is a blood type system of humans with negative and positive points.Most people are positive, Rh-negative people can not accept RH-positive blood, because the antigen in RH-positive blood will stimulate RH-negative human RH antibody, if you input RH-positive blood again, it can lead to hemolytic transfusion reaction.However, RH positive patients can receive blood from RH negative patients. The Rh system may be the most complex system of red blood cell types, which is second only to the ABO system.

The Rh-positive blood type accounts for 99.7% of the Han nationality and most ethnic groups in China, and about 90% of the individual ethnic minorities. Among some ethnic groups abroad, about 85% of Rh-positive blood type, of which Rh-negative blood type accounts for about 15% among European and American whites.

It is precisely because this blood type is rare among Chinese people. There are mutual aid organizations such as the Panda Blood Alliance in various parts of the country. Once a patient with this blood type needs blood transfusion, the mutual aid organization will quickly move forward to support.

About surgical blood preparation

The head nurse of the China Railway Fourth Hospital said that the blood volume for surgery is determined by the doctor according to the patient's condition and the estimated amount of blood loss. If the operation is successful, even blood transfusion is not needed, but blood preparation is a necessary safety measure. Need to prepare blood 1000-2000cc, or even more.