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Sierra Leone Chinese Chamber of Commerce--2017 Member Unit Member Symposium

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At 3 pm on March 5, 2017, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s governing unit and individual member symposium were held at the Office of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Sierra Leone.Wang Haile, general manager of the Sierra Leone branch of Guangjin International Group, and Zhang Zhongyuan, head of the trade department, attended the symposium. The meeting was co-chaired by Shen Xiaokai, Commercial Counselor of the Economic and Social Affairs of the People's Republic of China, Secretary Zhang, Secretary of the Counselor, and Li Yuming, the Commercial President.

The symposium began with a detailed introduction of the functions of the business office, including: assistance to Sierra Leone; investment in Sierra Leone; promotion of bilateral trade.At present, China's largest investment projects in Sierra Leone are the roads of Shangang and China Railway Seventh Bureau.The main bilateral trade includes: iron ore, fisheries, and wholesale of various small commodities. The Chinese government agency in Sierra Leone will also continue to push forward and strongly demand the government agencies in Sierra Leone to improve and improve the investment environment, provide preferential policies, and create more convenient conditions for more Chinese overseas Chinese to develop in Sierra Leone.

Shen Counselor and Secretary Zhang listened to the hard work and gains of the main members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and some individual members during their development.Among them are Zhengtai Electric, Ted Gold, Global Group, Ruifeng Paper, and Emgrand Furniture.Shen Counselor, President Li Yuming and Vice President Li Wei gave appropriate suggestions and popularized with them: how to prevent theft, how to improve the reputation of Chinese people, how to correctly use the Chinese Chamber of Commerce QQ and WeChat platform.

Mr. Wang Haile, head of the Guangjin Group's Sierra Leone branch, expressed his views on why the strength of Chinese businessmen in Sierra Leone is slightly weaker than that of Lebanese businessmen and Indian businessmen.He said that there are many Chinese companies in Serra, but whether it is a state-owned enterprise, a private enterprise or a personal merchant, it has not developed into a particularly large influence.And the famous local shops are almost all Lebanese industries. They are very united and sell the same products. No matter which shop, the price is basically the same, there will be no price war.The Lebanese have truly achieved a whole and are consistent with the outside world.At this point, we need to learn from it and integrate it into local cultural customs as soon as possible so as to operate better. His views are consistently resonated by all participating members.

All the delegates attending the symposium expressed their warm thanks to Ambassador Wu Peng for appointing the Business Office and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to hold such a communication symposium. Everyone also hopes to receive timely assistance from the Embassy and the Business Office during the development of Sierra Leone.

After a two-and-a-half-hour symposium, everyone had in-depth communication on various issues and corresponding solutions. Everyone exchanged ideas in Sierra Leone through the China Chamber of Commerce platform to enhance understanding and build friendship. All members appealed: This kind of symposium should be held more.

The convening of this symposium expressed the beautiful vision of unity and concerted efforts of Chinese businessmen in Sierra Leone. At the same time, it greatly encouraged the confidence of all members in Sierra Leone and pointed out the direction for the better development of Chinese businessmen. I believe that the future of Chinese businessmen will be even better!