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Longxiang Chamber of Commerce Fan County Branch invited experts to explain new opportunities under the “Belt and Road”

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In order to implement the national “Belt and Road” development strategy, help enterprises understand and understand the current international economic macro environment and hot issues, effectively grasp and utilize China's foreign trade and economic promotion policies, enhance the level of international operations, and promote the healthy development of foreign trade. On May 16th, Fan County Branch of Henan Longxiang Chamber of Commerce invited experts from the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Du Mingjun and Lin Yuanchun, to discuss the achievements, opportunities and risks of the Belt and Road construction, and the new opportunities and members of the enterprise development under the national strategy of the five districts. The company gave a detailed explanation.

Meeting a new starting point, looking forward to new opportunities

Du Mingjun is a researcher at the Henan Academy of Social Sciences, a doctor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a representative of the Henan Provincial Belt and Road Institute, a top expert, and a leader of the national team of the Belt and Road. He has chaired two national projects and several provincial-level projects. He has published papers in national core journals. He has published many books on the world economy, the open economy of the society, and cross-strait economic and trade research. From the "Belt and Road" strategy, he proposed the international and domestic background, route and scope, main content, operation mode, international political analysis, international economic analysis, risks, countermeasures, and eight aspects of Henan and the “Belt and Road” construction. After careful explanation, the paper also analyzed the impact of the “Belt and Road” on Henan's development and the new opportunities for Henan enterprises.

Du Mingjun believes that elements such as the New Eurasia Bridge, Zheng He Xiayang, and the Maritime Silk Road are all inextricably linked to Henan. Henan enterprises should actively participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road” according to their own advantages. They should actively seek opportunities under the national strategy, give full play to the advantages of existing enterprises, make full use of the “One Belt and One Road” hub in Henan, and the policy dividends of the free trade zone, and actively promote enterprises. Participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road”.

Five-zone superposition effect

Lin Yuanchun, Associate Research Fellow of the Henan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, major research direction: regional economy, presided over a number of provincial-level projects, participated in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Zhengzhou City, Fuyang City, Luoyang City, etc., and published papers in national core journals. The rest is the young female expert with the most potential for regional economic research in the province. She gave a lecture on the new opportunities for enterprise development under the influence of Henan's “Five Areas Overlay” (the core area of grain production, the Central Plains Economic Zone, the Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, the Zheng Luoxin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the Henan Five Free Country Strategy). Interpretation of the five-zone strategy countries and Henan policy dividends.

The road to private development of private enterprises

Mr. Chen Jiazhong, Executive Vice President of Longxiang Henan Chamber of Commerce, President of Angola Henan Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Chairman of Henan Guangjin International Group, shared the Belt and Road National Strategy with the practice of overseas development of the company in the past 10 years. The road to the development of private enterprises. He said that the Belt and Road is a new starting point and a new opportunity for the company. It is recommended that member companies establish a consortium with central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, relying on the country's prefix enterprises to take advantage of the opportunity to survive, and keep a close eye on the national strategy to adjust their own enterprise development ideas and upgrades.

Enterprise opportunities and challenges coexist under the new normal

The meeting was held in the conference room of Guangjin Group, and was chaired by Wang Changhong, secretary general of Fan County Branch and deputy director of the Henan Office of the Hong Kong Economic Herald, and summarized the learning movements. He said that the Belt and Road Initiative is a national grand strategy to accelerate the integration of domestic economic integration and development, promote Europe and Asia, and promote the integration of the global economy. With the "five links" as a means, it is a principle to share and share. To settle down. The Belt and Road Initiative is a platform, and the Free Trade Zone is the starting point for China to participate in the rules of the world economic order. Through the interpretation of the two experts, everyone must clarify the opportunities for their development, but also to see the risks and challenges. With reference to national policies and the status of enterprises, the direction of enterprise development will be formulated so that enterprises can develop healthily and sustainably under the national strategic background.