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Deng Guomin, general manager of the Zambia branch, attended the administrative work conference of the Overseas Chinese Associati

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Flag raising ceremony

Recently, the Zambia Overseas Chinese Association held an administrative work conference in Lusaka. Deng Guomin, general manager of Guangjin International Group (Zambia) Branch, was also invited to attend the meeting. Zhang Jian, President of the General Meeting, Zou Ling, Honorary President, and Vice Presidents and members of the Board of Directors attended the meeting.

A grand flag-raising ceremony was held before the official start of the meeting. With the solemn national anthem played, the five-star red flag rose and the members of the meeting lined up neatly.

meeting venue

After the participants were seated, Zhai Ling, the president of the Overseas Chinese Association of Zambia, and the honorary president/general founder Zou Ling gave speeches.

Speech by Zhang Jian, President of the Overseas Chinese Association of Zambia

President Zhang Jian briefly reviewed the development of the Zambia Overseas Chinese Association.He said that since the establishment of the Overseas Chinese Association of Zambia, it has achieved remarkable results in rescuing the lives of overseas Chinese, regulating the contradictions of overseas Chinese, publicizing local laws and regulations, publishing news information, and organizing cultural and recreational activities, effectively promoting the co-construction of the Zanhua community. Has achieved the trust of the vast number of overseas Chinese.

President Zhang Jian said that in order to move toward the goal of “first-class overseas Chinese society”, the general meeting will reform the organization, add full-time personnel, and strengthen the concept of fixed-term employment; play the emergency medical assistance center and the public security joint defense center to protect the health and safety of overseas Chinese. Important role of the aspect;The establishment of a large-scale event organization center, China International Cultural Exchange Center, etc., to enrich the cultural life of Chinese people; the establishment of a charity fund management center, the establishment of legal aid and the joint construction of police and civilians, to better serve the overseas Chinese.

President Zhang Jian said that in the future, the General Assembly will continue to adhere to the principle of "co-construction and sharing for all" and achieve the tenet of "being a motherland, impartially responsible, and transmitting positive energy", truly safeguarding the vast number of people living in Zambia. 

Speech by Zou Ling, Honorary President of Overseas Chinese of Zambia and Founder of the General Conference

Honorary President Zou Ling made recommendations on the development and construction of the Zambia Overseas Chinese Association. He said that since the establishment of the General Assembly, he has done a lot of work for the overseas Chinese to solve problems. In the future, the General Assembly should continue to improve the system's work processes, strengthen organizational unity, and carry out work in a more orderly manner.

Honorary President Zou Ling suggested that the positioning of the next step of the General Assembly includes: focusing on the non-profit of the organization; actively transmitting positive energy; strengthening the construction of the Chinese home, and providing assistance to the overseas Chinese in Zambia, and actively guiding the overseas Chinese to maintain the total The image of the meeting; strengthen the docking with relevant domestic institutions, implement all tasks in an orderly manner under the guidance of the embassy and the overseas Chinese office, and promote the building of party building; establish party organizations in the general meeting, give play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and establish an incentive mechanism, Encourage the enthusiasm of the members of the General Assembly; strengthen the construction of the General Assembly itself.

The convening of this administrative work conference expressed the purpose of the Zanhua people's "heart of the motherland, fairness, and positive energy." At the same time, it greatly encouraged the confidence of the overseas Chinese in their development, provided a stable guarantee for the better development of the overseas Chinese, and better escorted the majority of the overseas Chinese.