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Melting temperature of PVC electrician tube

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The PVC electrician tube is also called an insulating sleeve. It is a new type of composite data tube that combines insulation materials. It is an insulating sleeve made of resin as a matrix and other reinforcing materials for wearing wires and protecting wires. Non-magnetic materials to reduce fever.

The insulation structure of PVC electrical pipe is divided into two types: air cavity and air cavity short circuit. The air cavity casing is used for voltage levels of 10 kV and below. An air cavity is provided between the conductor and the porcelain sleeve as auxiliary insulation, which can reduce the casing capacitance and improve the corona voltage and the sliding voltage of the casing.When the voltage level is high (20 to 30 kV), corona will occur inside the air chamber to disable the above effect. At this time, the air cavity short circuit structure is selected. Let's introduce its melting temperature.

The melting temperature of PVC electrical pipe is a very important process parameter. The melting temperature is measured at the joint between the extruder and the head. The melting temperature of the PVC electrical pipe is greatly affected by the temperature of the metering section in the extruder. The temperature of the metering section is adjusted to control the melting temperature.The thermocouple that measures the melting temperature is directly touched with the material, so the melting temperature reflects the actual temperature of the material.

The first part of the machine head is to make the material plasticization more uniform, so that the material is pressed more and more compact, so that the material changes from irregular movement to regular linear movement and constitutes the shape of the product.The machine head is mainly divided into the core and the body, because the material stays in the nose for a long time, so the temperature should not be high. The temperature, pressure and die length of the machine head directly affect the condition of the feeding line and the function of the product.

In the extrusion process, because the number of revolutions of the extruder of the PVC electric pipe is different, when the number of revolutions is high, the friction heat in the barrel portion is high, because the extrusion speed is fast, and the residence time of the material in the machine head is short, The temperature in the nose area can be set higher;When the number of revolutions is relatively low, the material stays in the nose for a long time, and the temperature of the head should be lower than when the number of revolutions is high.