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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Extending love, helping the people to send warmth

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Chenzhuang Town, Fuyang City, Henan Province is located in the southeast of Fan County, adjacent to the Yellow River in the south. It is rich in water resources and is a famous hometown of lotus roots.It is rich in high-quality shallow water white carp. This year, more than 10,000 acres of white peony harvest, but due to the impact of hail, more than 10,000 acres of lotus roots are stranded in the field, the sale of lotus roots into a vast number of farmers.After learning of this news, Guangjin International Group Plastics Co., Ltd. organized a charity group to help the farmers solve the problem of unsalable lotus roots, and launched a charity event to help the people in the Wanmu Lotus Park in Chenzhuang Town, Fan County.

Give back to the society with practical actions, and do your best to practice corporate social responsibility.The field delegation listened carefully to the difficulties of the tenants and learned about the needs of the vast number of tenant farmers.Through communication with the vast number of tenant farmers, the delegation learned that due to the impact of hail, Fanxian County's lotus root production this year is not as good as in previous years. This coincides with the low price of lotus root market this year, and the majority of farmers are reluctant to sell, resulting in a lot of unsalable lotus roots and heavy losses.

In response to this situation, the delegation immediately launched a support activity for the tenant farmers. The activity was organized around the theme of “Growing up love and giving more than one kilogram”.The delegation took the lead in setting an example and picked up a large number of white plaques on the spot. They hoped to help reduce the burden on the farmers through their own practical actions. They also hoped that people from all walks of life would pay attention and participate together.At the same time, the delegation also actively assisted the farmers to contact the merchants and published information on the relevant websites, hoping to help the farmers to slow down the sales and tide over the difficulties through the relevant information platform.


At the end of the event, the delegation called on people from all walks of life to lend a helping hand. I hope that all the whole society will care for each other and participate together. We will do our meager efforts to reduce the loss of the people and solve the urgent needs of the farmers.