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Zhengzhou East Railway Station East Square is about to unveil

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In the near future, take the high-speed rail to Zhengzhou High-speed Railway East Station, not only from the West Square, but also from the East Square.On the east side of the tall square, not only the beautiful scenery on the ground, but also the parking, passage and commercial functions in the underground, passengers can transfer to the high-speed rail, subway, bus and long-distance bus in the underground, which is very convenient.

On the afternoon of November 24, at the 21st Bureau of China Railway in the Zhengzhou Comprehensive Transportation Hub Underground Traffic Project (East Plaza) Project Department,the reporter learned about the latest news from Zhengzhou High-speed Railway East Station East Square, sponsored by Zhengzhou Engineering Quality Supervision Station, co-organized by Zhengzhou Transportation Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and China Railway 21st Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

The East Square project is located in the core area of Zhengzhou East Railway Station, east to Zhengzhou East Railway Station, adjacent to the newly built Zhengzhou Bus Station in the north, and the planned public transportation hub station in the south. It is the supporting project of Zhengzhou Comprehensive Transportation Hub, along the Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 The East-West direction crosses the East Square project.

The project consists of two parts: the ground landscape and the underground project. Among them, the ground is a supporting landscape, about 52,000 square meters, consisting of the Central Cultural Square and the greening hinterland on both sides; the total area of the underground three floors is about 113,000 square meters.

Set up 3 channels on the first floor of the North and South District to achieve Unicom:The first floor has a pedestrian communication channel with the high-speed rail station, Zhengzhou bus station and bus station to realize the flow distribution and zero transfer.At present, the underground station of the High Speed Rail East Station has been connected to Metro Line 1. According to the construction plan, there are 3 motor vehicle entrances and exits on the ground in the north and south districts of the East Plaza project, a total of 6 vehicles, and 2 underground motor vehicles exits planned and constructed in the east side. On the ground floor, the 8 safe exits in the north and south areas can enter and exit the negative floor.

On the afternoon of the 24th, the reporter followed the heads of the Municipal Construction Committee and the China Railway 21st Bureau and went to the project to observe the negative main building.

"As of now, the East Plaza project has completed the construction of the surface covering and transportation, and the construction of the envelope structure." A person in charge of the 21st Bureau of China Railway said that the connection channel between the west side of the communication channel and the high-speed railway station has been completed, and the waterproof construction of the channel is completed.The three-way communication channel in the north and south district has been completed by the rotary excavation and loosening of the soil. The pile head of the enclosing pile has been completed, and the contact beam and the supporting construction have been completed. The earthwork excavation of the No. 3 communication channel was completed, the grounding wall was broken, the strip plate was installed, and the main structure of the channel was under construction. The earthwork excavation of the No. 1 communication channel was completed 70%, and the strip plate installation was completed.