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The recycled plastics industry is taking a sustainable development path and its future development is optimistic

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In recent years, the state has been actively promoting environmental governance.The plastic (mechanical) industry is the focus of environmental protection for the interviews on corporate sewage and garbage disposal.The strict control of the import of “foreign garbage” indicates that the country is ready to take the road of sustainable development and has also determined its determination to protect the environment.In such an environment, the situation of the plastic (mechanical) industry can be imagined, but the renewable plastics industry as a member of the plastics industry, his development prospects are optimistic about many people.

In order to block the further pollution caused by primary processing, the country has banned the import of four categories of high-risk “foreign garbage”, which will be officially implemented at the end of 2017. In this way, the blank left by the recycled raw materials of imported waste plastics will be replaced by other plastic materials. As a market that is eager for profit, if the new plastics are completely replaced, it will bring excessive cost to the enterprise.

Then recycled plastic is a very good choice. In addition, recycled plastics are not prohibited. In China, the comprehensive utilization technology of waste plastics has been continuously improved in recent years, and new materials obtained from plastic processing have been widely used in the market. Application and attention, the application of recycled plastics is also very common, involving packaging, automotive, clothing and other industries.

Although China's recycling classification system is not very perfect, there are still many shortcomings, but the demand development industry, the domestic market demand for the possibility of recycled plastics will further promote the improvement of the industry system and the transformation of the industry.In order to create favorable conditions for recycled plastics, many organizations, associations and companies have taken action to improve the shortcomings of the recycled plastics industry and strive to give full play to its advantages.

At the Recycled Plastics Industry Summit in 2017, China Material Recycling Association-Recycled Plastics Branch, CCID Research Institute, China Material Recycling Association, Zhejiang University of Technology and other authoritative units have made in-depth research on the status quo and transformation of the recycled plastics industry. Discussion and research, and established the first domestic renewable plastic environmental protection public welfare alliance.

According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, downstream related enterprises that use recycled plastics as raw materials need to apply for a sewage discharge permit before 2020, and related enterprises with recycled plastics can produce them. Note that as long as the enterprises meet the requirements, they can take them. The license issued to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, produced in accordance with the requirements, is not afraid to be blocked again!"Circular Development Leads Action" proposes that by 2020, the main waste recycling rate should reach about 54.6%; and the "Industrial Green Development Plan (2016-2020)" requires that by 2020, the recycling of waste plastics should reach 2,300. The quantity of tons.

The biggest advantage of recycled materials is that the price is absolutely cheaper than the new material. It can also process certain attributes according to different needs, and can produce corresponding products, so that resources will not be lost. Coupled with the development of technology, the current recycled plastics have a certain elasticity, high strength and wear resistance, and good insulation properties.For example, HIPS is a relatively good recycled plastic on the market. Its impact strength is very high, more than 4 times higher than plastic raw materials. Its electrical insulation is also very good, HIPS is easier to color and easy to print. Moreover, the special fragile and impact-resistant shortcomings can be solved by means of rubber modification.