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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Zhengzhou City will focus on building 328 projects this year. The North Third Ring East Extension Expressway will be completed d

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The municipal government recently issued the "Notice on the Release of Key Construction Projects in Zhengzhou City in 2018". This year, there are 328 key construction projects in the city, covering a number of people's livelihood projects.The "Notice on the Release of Key Construction Projects in Zhengzhou City in 2018" mentioned that 328 key construction projects in Zhengzhou City in 2018 were identified (300 bundled).According to the Notice, according to the list of key construction projects in Zhengzhou City in 2018, 328 (bundled to 300) key projects cover industrial development projects (154), innovation-driven projects (18), infrastructure projects (10), and new towns. Project (31), eco-environmental protection project (20), people's livelihood and social undertaking projects (67).

New urbanization project (partial)

Completion: Zhengzhou Citizen Public Service Area Southern District Underground Transportation System and Underground Space Project, North Third Ring Road East Extension Fast Track Project, 107 Sub Road (East Third Ring Road) Fast Track Project, and Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway Phase II South Section Sub-district Project.

Continued construction: Zhengzhou Rail Transit Line 5 Project, Line 3 Phase I Project, Line 4 Project, Line 2 Phase II Project, Line 6 Phase II Project, Jinshui East Road and Shangdu Road Underpass 107 Sub-Channel Tunnel Engineering, etc.

People's livelihood and social undertakings project (partial)

Completion: Zhengzhou City No. 18 Middle School Relocation Project, Zhengzhou Newspaper Building Project, Zhengzhou Third People's Hospital Relocation Project, Zhengzhou First People's Hospital Port Hospital Project.

Continued construction: Zhengzhou Preschool Normal School New Campus Construction Project, Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center Project, Zhengzhou Citizen Activity Center Project, Zhengzhou Grand Theatre Project, Modern Media Center (Zhengzhou TV Center) Construction Project, Zhengzhou Public Employment and Talent Comprehensive Service Market Projects, etc.

Other items (partial)

Construction: Zhengzhou City Technician College Relocation Project, Zhengzhou Central Cultural Service Area CCD Project (Phase I), Zhengzhou No. 51 Middle School Teaching Building and Underground Garage Project, Zhengzhou No. 44 Middle School New Student Dormitory Building and Underground The parking lot project, the Zhengzhou No. 4 Middle School High School New Campus Project, the Baisha Park Basic Education Primary and Secondary School Bundling Project, and the Zhengdong New District Convenience Service Center Fighting Project.