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Zhengzhou will invest 53.48 billion yuan to build a city "sponge"

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The reporter learned from the Municipal Urban and Rural Planning Bureau on the 20th that Zhengzhou City Sponge City Special Plan (2017-2030) began to pre-approval.The planning scope includes Zhengzhou main city, as well as four districts of Aviation City, Western New City, Baisha Group and Kowloon Group, with a planned area of 1945 square kilometers. The planning period is from 2017 to 2020 in the near future and from 2020 to 2030 in the long term. The overall goal of the plan is to build Zhengzhou into a sponge with water absorption, water storage, water purification and water release functions, improve urban flood control and drainage capacity, improve urban ecological environment, and alleviate urban water resources pressure.

The classification indicators proposed by the special plan include: water ecology. By 2030, the proportion of ecological coastline will reach 80%, and the heat island effect of urban built-up areas will be alleviated. The average daily temperature in the construction area of sponge city is not higher than the average daily temperature in other areas during the same period. Or a downward trend compared with the same period of history in the same region.In terms of water safety, the recurrence period of urban and aviation city's intrinsic control design is 50 years, and the internal control standards of other planning areas are 20 years. The flood control standard of the planning area is 200 years, and the drinking water quality compliance rate is 100. %. Urban rivers and water systems completely eliminate the inferior V water bodies and achieve the goal of not black odor. In 2030, the utilization rate of rainwater accounts for 5% of rainfall, and the utilization rate of wastewater is 60%.

The planning and construction contents include: urban drainage system, and 191 drainage channels in the main urban area, including 12 drainage channels with clear channels, 179 drainage channels with roads, and 73 rainwater storage pools for the main urban area. The total storage capacity is 820,000 cubic meters.Drainage pipe network system, the main urban area retains 944 kilometers of rainwater pipe network; the length of the proposed pipe network is 887 kilometers; the newly built rainwater pipe network is 2576 kilometers. 15 main pumping stations were upgraded in the main city, and a new 64-seat pumping station was planned. Deficiency control, construction of 56 storage tanks, construction of rainwater pipes, etc.Set up 18 initial rainwater storage tanks, and set up gully treatment facilities around important water bodies such as Longhu, Longzihu, Xianghu and Tianjianhu. Accelerate the construction of the collection pipe network of the sewage treatment plants such as Mazhai, South Third Ring Road and Baisha, and improve the operation load of the sewage treatment plant; combined with the demand for rainwater treatment, build a new expansion of Shuangqiao Wastewater Treatment Plant, Nancao Wastewater Treatment Plant and Chensanqiao Wastewater Treatment plant, Fuyang Second Sewage Treatment Plant, and Fuyangdao North Sewage Treatment Plant.

According to the plan, by 2020, the built-up area of the planned area will be about 793.4 square kilometers, and the sponge city construction compliance area (demonstration area) will cover an area of about 187.6 square kilometers, accounting for 23.6%. By 2030, the built-up area of the planned area is about 1450.6 square kilometers, and the area of the sponge city construction standard area is about 1275.8 square kilometers, accounting for 88.5%.It is planned that by 2020, the total investment of construction and community sponge facilities will be 5.75 billion yuan, the total investment of urban road sponge facilities will be 13.71 billion yuan, the total investment of urban green space will be 13.99 billion yuan, the total investment of urban water system will be 13.81 billion yuan, and the total investment of sewage treatment plant will be 6.12 billion yuan. The monitoring and control capacity building capacity is 100 million yuan, and the total investment in the construction of the sponge city project in the near future (2017-2020) is 53.48 billion yuan. Among them, the total investment in the recent construction of the sponge city in the main urban area is about 47.11 billion yuan.