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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Every second counts, day and night, the last mile of key projects

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The South China City project under construction has received much attention. On the morning of July 5, Bai Hongzhan, director of the Standing Committee of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Congress, once again conducted field research on the progress of the South China City project, and asked all relevant departments to fight every second, day and night, and get through the final project. one kilometer". Wang Fusong, secretary general of the Standing Committee of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Congress, participated in the survey.

The research team first came to the construction site of Zhonghua Road to understand the progress of the construction of the new construction of the South Extension of the G107 auxiliary road, and asked in detail the issues that need to be resolved. At the symposium held later, the reporter learned that the total construction area of the South China City project is currently more than 5 million square meters, and the completed area is over 3 million square meters, with an investment of more than 17 billion yuan.

At present, the property area of Huanan City has opened about 1.8 million square meters, and it has settled in more than 15,000 stores. It has signed agreements with more than 27,000 merchants, 30 chambers of commerce, industry associations and professional markets. At the same time, the largest double-creation in the province. The base - Zhongyuan E-commerce Building is also about to operate. According to the plan, in 2017, South China City will have a new construction area of 1.7 million square meters.

In response to the problem of the new construction of the G107 auxiliary road southward in South China City, Baihong war requires that all relevant departments at all levels should optimize the plan and construct more scientifically; optimize the environment and create a civilized and prosperous road; Strengthen supervision to ensure road construction safety and quality; to ensure progress, every second counts, day and night, and complete the project on time and on schedule;it is necessary to supervise on-site, to do special personnel to handle special problems, and to solve problems encountered in the construction of the project in a timely manner; to provide on-site service, the relevant departments will send responsible persons to the project site on a regular basis to provide practical assistance for the project construction; We will do a good job in real-time projects, add lustre to Zhengzhou's construction of a national center city, and greet the party's 19th National Congress with outstanding results.