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Henan encourages the development of prefabricated buildings and continues to promote green building materials

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On July 24, the 30th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress of Henan Province was held in Zhengzhou. The meeting heard the explanations of the Henan Province Energy Conservation Regulations (Revised Draft) and the Henan Province Property Management Regulations (Revised Draft).After the development and changes of social life, some of the provisions of the "Regulations on Energy Conservation in Henan Province" are inconsistent or even inconsistent with the upper-level law, and have not adapted to the actual needs of energy-saving work in Henan Province.

It is understood that, in conjunction with the actual situation in Henan Province, the "Regulations on Energy Conservation of Henan Province (Revised Draft)" provides more detailed regulations on the rational use of fixed-asset investment projects, and strengthens the energy-saving supervision of fixed-asset investment projects from the source to ensure It can meet the requirements of reasonable energy use standards and energy-saving design specifications, and avoid the irrational phenomenon of energy waste and energy use of new energy-using projects.

The "Regulations (Revised Draft)" stipulates that government and enterprises should increase investment in energy conservation, requiring the government and enterprises to arrange certain funds to support the rational use of energy, development, demonstration and promotion of new energy, renewable energy and clean and efficient energy. , as well as energy-saving technology research, technological transformation and other work. This has substantially strengthened the energy conservation work from the capital level.

The "Regulations (Revised Draft)" clearly stipulates that "the energy-using units with a total energy consumption of 5,000 tons of standard coal or more are the key energy-using units." In the total energy consumption of Henan Province, the energy consumption of key energy-using units It accounts for more than 70% of all energy consumption. This not only points out the key points and potentials of energy conservation in Henan Province, but also focuses on the key energy-using units for future supervision and inspection.

On the basis of the “National Energy Conservation Publicity Week”, the “Regulations (Revised Draft)” determined that Henan’s “Energy Conservation Publicity Month” in June each year, which made Henan the first province in the country to determine the “Energy Conservation Publicity Month”.It is understood that this revision of the Regulations combines the work practices of post-event supervision in the review of energy conservation, and provides separate provisions for different situations that violate the requirements of energy conservation review.The "Regulations (Revised Draft)" stipulates that if the energy conservation review or the energy conservation review is not passed, the fixed assets investment projects that are started construction or are put into production or use without authorization shall be ordered by the energy conservation supervision organization to stop construction or stop production, use, and reform within a time limit. Production projects that cannot be rebuilt or overdue, shall be submitted by the energy conservation supervisory agency, and submitted to the people's government at the same level for approval by the development and reform department in accordance with the authority stipulated by the State Council.For fixed assets investment projects that fail to implement the energy conservation review opinions, the energy conservation supervision agency shall order the construction units to rectify within a time limit.

In addition, the “Regulations (Revised Draft)” also added “encourage the development of prefabricated buildings” and continued to promote green building materials. In recent years, China has actively explored the development of prefabricated buildings. This revision will include “encourage the development of fabricated buildings” into the regulations.The Regulations (Revised Draft) stipulates that “promoting green building materials, supporting buildings to prioritize the use of energy-efficient building materials and energy-saving equipment such as new wall materials. Encourage the development of prefabricated buildings.” Prefabricated buildings are assembled on site using prefabricated building parts. Made of buildings.The development of prefabricated buildings is a major change in the way of construction. It is an important measure to promote the structural reform of the supply side and the development of new urbanization. It is conducive to saving resources and energy, reducing construction pollution, improving labor productivity and quality and safety, and promoting construction. Industry and information industrialization deep integration, nurturing new industries and new kinetic energy, and promoting the elimination of excess capacity.