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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Building a national central city Zhengzhou has taken a solid first step

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The state speeded up the layout of central city construction, invited world-renowned consulting institutions to participate, actively carried out research on the construction of national central cities, and revised and improved the Zhengzhou City Master Plan (2010~2020).

The pilot area of the airport has been accelerated. In the first half of the year, the regional GDP reached 29.24 billion yuan, an increase of 11.6%. Emerging industries have grown rapidly, and a number of well-known logistics companies such as Shentong, Rookie, Chuanhua, and Huazhong Cold Chain Port have been completed and put into use, with more than 100 logistics companies. Air passenger and freight transportation grew rapidly, with passenger throughput of 11.34 million person-times, up 20.9% year-on-year; cargo and mail throughput was 207,000 tons, up 7.5% year-on-year; Zhengzhou-Luxembourg “Aerial Silk Road” construction rose to national strategy. The smart terminal industry has developed steadily, with 9 new contracted projects and 4 new production projects. The total output of mobile phones is 106 million units, including 65.2 million non-Apple mobile phones, an increase of 16.2%.

The new urbanization has been further advanced. In the first half of the year, 27 resettlement housing projects were started, 20 projects were implemented to relocate the people, and the newly-relocated area was 2.078 million square meters. The number of newly-relocated people was 27,000, and the total number of people resetting was 800,000, accounting for 1.55 million of the total tasks. 52%; newly started construction of convenient service center 51; Shangdu historical and cultural district starting area, ancient canal cultural area, century-old Dehua historical and cultural area, Ersha Wenchuang Square and other historical and cultural blocks, cultural landscape and international The town of the town has been steadily advancing; the pace of construction of the “four centers” has been accelerated; the upgrading of the construction of the 100 cities has been carried out in a solid manner, and the results of the revision of the urban and rural master plans of all counties (cities) have been completed.

Major infrastructure continues to improve. The “meter” shaped high-speed rail network was accelerated, Zheng Wan, Zheng He, Zheng Ji and Zheng Tai High-speed Railway were promoted in an orderly manner, and the Zhengzhou High-speed Railway South Station project started construction; the preliminary work of the Zhengzhou section of Jiaoping Expressway progressed smoothly; the suburban railway Phase I and No. 1 The second phase of the line was put into trial operation. The first phase and the fifth line of the No. 3 line were carried out as scheduled. The third phase of the rail transit construction planning was completed; the “Tiger + Ring” rapid road network system was basically formed, and the four-ring rapid development project was completed. The research and development work is actively promoting the East Third Ring Rapid Development Project, the main line of the South Third Ring Road East Extension Phase II viaduct, the Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway South Extension Elevated Project, the West Third Ring North Extension, and the Zijingshan Road under the Bohai Road Tunnel Project. A number of major municipal projects have been accelerated or completed.

The level of urban management continues to increase. We will comprehensively promote the renovation and reconstruction of municipal infrastructure, complete 11 small repairs such as Lushan Road and Dongfeng Road, and build 27,000 new public parking berths; renovate 561 branches in urban areas in batches and in phases, and concentrate on road management and The store was rectified; the comprehensive improvement of muck trucks was carried out, and 17.11 million square meters of construction waste were cleared, accounting for 71.9% of the total; the city's comprehensive management law enforcement system was further promoted, and the refined management level was further improved.

Reforms in key areas and key links have continued to deepen. The reform of “distribution suits” continued to advance, and 48 public service matters, 311 administrative powers and responsibilities, and 5 administrative examination and approval intermediary services in 29 departments were adjusted. Pilot implementation of administrative examination and approval “common management in the same city” The service was “accepted in one place” and was highly recognized by the State Council’s inspection team. We will comprehensively implement the provincial decision-making arrangements for deepening the reform of the new round of state-owned enterprises, and further promote the work of divesting enterprises to carry out social functions. We will repair and renovate the “three supply and one industry” of state-owned enterprises in 14 provinces, and 20 provincial state-owned enterprises. The social management service of enterprise retirees was successfully completed. The reform of the land development system focusing on the recruitment and auction of land on the land, and the reform of the rural land system and the reform of the investment and financing system focusing on the rural “three powers separation” were further advanced. In the first half of the year, the city added 118,000 new market entities, an increase of 25.2%; 24 PPP projects with a total investment of 176.7 billion yuan.

Employment and social security work continued to strengthen. New urban employment was 86,000, and entrepreneurial guarantee loans were 180 million yuan. The “zero-employment family” dynamic was zero, and the urban registered unemployment rate was controlled within 3%. In the 36 newly-built and expanded 36 primary and secondary schools, 14 have started construction; 30 kindergartens newly built and expanded, 20 have started construction. The affordable housing project started with 81,500 sets, completing 79% of the annual target, basically building 63,700 sets, and completing 91% of the annual target. The work of “Double-Way Attack and Hard” was solidly promoted, the city appearance environment was significantly improved, and the urban sanitation situation improved significantly. The comprehensive compliance rate of various governance work in the city was 95.3%. Social undertakings such as medical care, sports, and culture have continued to improve. Work on safe production, food and drug safety, stable letters and visits, and social security have been further strengthened, and the sense of security and satisfaction of the people has continued to rise.