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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Key projects support the development of Zhengzhou

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Since the "Eleventh", Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park is still full of tourists, visitors are endless, the 2017 "One Belt, One Road" World Motorboat Championship Zhengzhou Station is in full swing, and the rippling Longhu and Financial Island let guests from home and abroad feel To the "international fan" of Zhengzhou.Zhengzhou Yuanbo Park and Longhu Financial Island are all a microcosm of the city's speeding up the construction of key projects in the province and the city. If the city is likened to a giant who is advancing, then the key project is the backbone of the giant. Right now, with the hot progress of a number of key projects, the Zhengzhou backbone is getting stronger and taller.

In the past five years, the city has conscientiously implemented the decision-making arrangements of the provinces and municipalities, and insisted on the construction of key projects as the main starting point and main platform for strong investment and steady growth, which has effectively supported and promoted the sustained, stable and healthy development of the city's economy.One step at a time, one step at a time, the city's key project construction work has gone beyond the leaping development path of increasing year by year and doubling investment. In 2013, the annual investment in key projects in Zhengzhou City was 330 billion yuan; in 2014, it exceeded 400 billion mark, reaching 401 billion yuan; in 2015 and 2016, it increased to 407.5 billion yuan and 430.2 billion yuan respectively; it is expected that 2017 will be It has reached 450 billion yuan, doubled compared with the investment of 226.7 billion yuan in 2012. The proportion of fixed assets investment in the city has remained above 60%, and it has become the pillar of growth and the main force.

In order to ensure and speed up the construction of key projects, the city has made efforts to “early, fast, and excellent”, and has formed a key project construction pattern of “up and down linkage, joint management, and catching up with learning”. In January each year, the target tasks of project investment, start-up, approval, etc. will be clearly defined, and the task decomposition documents will be issued, and the reform of the administrative examination and approval system will be continuously deepened, and the examination and approval departments such as the reform, land, environmental protection, and planning will be promoted to implement centralized office, parallel approval, and full-scale agency. Promote project approval and speed up efficiency, build a “two-level, three-tier, one-in-one” coordination and promotion mechanism, implement a system of leadership subcontracting and coordination, and ensure timely coordination and resolution of difficulties and problems encountered in project construction.

The perfect system and mechanism ensured the smooth progress of the construction of key projects in the city, and also outlined a beautiful Zhengzhou scroll.The investment of 19.1 billion yuan and the second phase expansion project of Xinzheng Airport, which was completed in only two years, has made Xinzheng International Airport a hub airport with few dual-runway and dual-terminal buildings in China; the opening of Zhengxu high-speed railway, Zheng Wan, Zheng The construction of the high-speed railway of Zhenghe and Zhengji is underway, and the high-speed rail network is rapidly accelerating; the first phase of rail transit, the first phase of Line 2, the first phase of the suburban railway have been opened, and the major agricultural projects such as the rapid development of agricultural roads have been completed or partially used. The “Tingzi+Ring” rapid road network system in the central city has basically formed, and the citizens are more convenient to travel.

A new trade and business cluster driven by E-trade, a modern logistics industry cluster driven by aviation logistics and commodity trading markets, a cultural and creative tourism industry cluster driven by Zhengzhou International Cultural and Creative Park, and Zhengdong New District Central Business District and Longhu Financial City accelerated the construction of the financial industry cluster, which drove the rapid development of the modern service industry. In 2016, the proportion of the city's service industry in the economy exceeded the industrial proportion for the first time, promoting the transformation and upgrading of Zhengzhou.

Foxconn, ZTE, Coolpad and other projects settled in the port area, driving the port area to become the province's first 100 billion industrial cluster and the world's important intelligent terminal R&D and manufacturing base, with an annual output of 260 million mobile phones; China Railway Equipment TBM base, CRRC The rail transit repair and repair base has been completed and put into production, and the “Zhengzhou Manufacturing” brand has been launched.At the same time, the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project has been fully completed. 85% of the urban area uses high-quality water sources from the South-North Water Transfer Project; nearly 400 kilometers of ecological corridors have been completed and put into use, 34 parks have been opened, and the South-to-North Water Transfer Ecological Culture Park has been accelerated. The ecological landscape belt of the “one channel, three networks” has been basically completed, and the harmonious living environment of Zhengzhou has continued to improve.

Facing the construction of the national central city construction horn, the construction of key projects in the city is progressing steadily.