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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Guangjin International Group (domestic) 2016 year-end commendation and welcome party successfully held

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On January 20, 2017, the Group's 2016 Executive Endorsement and Welcome Party was held at the Guanghua Hotel with the theme of “Cultivating Advanced, Concentrating People, Encouraging Morale, and Creating Brilliance”.Chairman of the Group Chen Jiazhong, Group General Manager Lu Hongfa, Group Vice President Ma Guokun, Group Vice President Zhang Haichang, Group Finance Director Feng Hongling, Angola Branch General Manager Liu Haibin and other leaders and family members, group headquarters staff, plastics company representative participated in the commendation and welcome party,The party was hosted by the employees of the company, Niu Yufei, Si Ruifeng, Wang He and Zhao Xianting, and the opening ceremony of the conference was held in the enthusiastic opening of the host.

At the party, Lu Hongfa, the general manager of the group, delivered a speech at the party, led us to review the past and look to the future, and called on everyone to work together for the dream of 2017 and work hard for the future development of Guangjin Group.

The convening of the annual meeting received the concern and support of the overseas branches of the group. Branches such as Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zambia and Angola sent congratulatory messages to express their wishes for the group headquarters, and also wished the group business a prosperous future!

The evening party commended 2 best newcomers in the 2016 work, 2 best progress awards, 4 excellent employees, and 2 outstanding supervisors.The group leaders attending the party presented honorary certificates and bonuses to the winners.

Group General Manager Lu Hongfa gave a speech at the party

Best Newcomer Award

Outstanding Staff Award

Excellent director award

In recognition of the exciting new party show.The first show of the party was the "Daddy Dad" co-starred by the foreign trade company and the plastics company, which brought a lively and passionate visual feast to everyone.Zhang Yinchao and Zhang Meng from the group's finance department, "The world is so big, I want to see it," they used a humorous and whispering way to tell the profound friendship between China and Africa.The three-person performance of "Three Springs" brought you a taste and experience of a fascinating language charm and a superb acting skills of foreign trade handsome guys;The essays brought by the plastics company, "The Office of the Storm", the witty section, the humorous life reflection, received the enthusiastic response of everyone, won the applause and applause;The guest performers Zhang Xuanhe and Zhang Xuanfeng’s wonderful songs, "Spring Xiao" and "I will go to the bathroom myself", let everyone immerse themselves in the melodious children's voice;The group dance "Waiting for You" selected by the Finance Department puts everyone in the world of dance.Finally, the collective chorus of the Administrative Personnel Department, "Guangjin welcomes you", the songs are full of creativity, making people feel refreshed, and finally won the highest support rate of the audience, won the performance program award.

Opening dance "Daddy Dad"

Cross talk, "The world is so big, I want to see it."

Sketch "The Office Storm"

Group dance "Waiting for you"

Chorus "Guangjin welcomes you"

This evening, the chairman of the group, Mr. Chen Jiazhong, was invited.During the meeting, the chairman delivered an important speech, expressing the deepest blessings for Guangjin employees and their families and the beautiful future of Guangjin's future development.In order to thank and thank the staff, the dinner was interspersed with a lottery “reward gift, everyone participates” sweepstakes. With the third prize, second prize, first prize, employees’ surprises.

Chairman's Annual Meeting Speech




Chairman of the Board of Directors awarded the Excellent Program Award

New Year’s souvenir on site

Guangjin Group's 2016 end of the year to celebrate the new party photo

The annual recognition of the welcome party is a corporate culture event for all employees of Guangjin International Group. Everyone enjoys the food and wine, watch the wonderful programs, appreciate the awards, and win the prizes. It also deepens the loyalty to the company and love!