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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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“Close to Nature Spring Outing” Group Spring Outing in 2017

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In order to enable everyone to get close to nature, ease employee pressure, increase communication between colleagues, and enhance team cohesion,on April 22, 2017, Lu Hongfa, the general manager of the Group's domestic business department, led more than 30 employees of the group headquarters to hold a spring outing barbecue event at Longfeng Mountain Villa in Xiangyang.At 10 am, everyone took the bus to their destination. After a short break, everyone played an interesting group game on a green river bank.In this full-eyed spring, everyone is full of interest. The team members of the team participated in the competition and cooperated with each other to fully demonstrate our teamwork spirit. At the same time, everyone also gained their own friendship and prizes.

The game is ready to go

Activity scene

At noon, the highlight of the event, “Buffet Buffet”, kicked off.In the face of so many fresh foods, everyone can't wait to clean the ingredients, prepare barbecue utensils, and devote themselves to the barbecue.In a short while, the smokers in the barbecue field, everyone sitting around the fire, put the food that has already been prepared on the stove, work together, cooperate with each other, smoke and smoke, and enjoy the fun, everyone chat while grilling and sharing delicious food.The whole event was filled with the atmosphere of mutual cooperation and care, and everyone also felt the joy of “doing it yourself, getting enough food and clothing”.

prepare food

Barbecue scene

In the afternoon, the sun was still warm, and the joyful and exciting outdoor barbecue activities accompanied the snoring of the swallows, and the painting was completed with a full stop. Everyone was filled with joy and happiness with joy and happiness.

This spring tour barbecue activity not only enhanced the feelings among colleagues, but also enhanced the company's cohesiveness, demonstrated the team spirit of friendship and mutual help, gained health and happiness, and added color to our work and life.

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