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“Caring for Angora Orphans Charity Project” officially launched, Guangjin International Group will continue to pay attention

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March 8, 2016, is International Women's Day.At the same time as the women's compatriots around the world celebrated the festival together, the “Another Concern and More Smiles” initiated by the Chinese Women's Federation of Angola – the launching ceremony of the Guan An Angola Orphans Charity Project was held at Haishan Group. The charity event received enthusiastic response from people from all walks of life.Representatives of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Henan Chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Federation, Golf Association and other representatives of the Chinese community, as well as representatives of the Chinese enterprises in Angola and the community, attended the event,and there are more directors from South Korea. Liu Haibin, deputy general manager of Guangjin International Group, was invited as a representative of Henan Chamber of Commerce.


Groups from all walks of life and caring people have extended a helping hand to support the launch of the Women's Federation charity project, fully demonstrating the love and positive energy of Chinese enterprises in Angola.At the end of the donation, the project raised a total of 15.38 million kwanza, and the Henan Chamber of Commerce, represented by Liu Haibin, deputy general manager of the Group, collectively donated 500,000 kwanza.The host announced the use of the funds and the flow of funds on the spot. The funds raised will be handed over to a special committee for safekeeping and strict supervision will be implemented to ensure that all funds are used for public welfare activities.


Guangjin International Group will continue to pay attention to social welfare undertakings with Chinese compatriots in Angola, and call on the whole society to unite charity, pay attention to vulnerable groups, pay attention to the living conditions of poor children in Angola, extend their hands and contribute their own strength.



Yang Lan, President of the Angolan Chinese Women's Federation



Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yi Yongyong



Donation from Henan Chamber of Commerce Representative (Liu Haibin, Vice President of the Group)



Charity Dinner Scene (Liu Haibin, Vice President of the Group)



Group of some donors