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Zambia produced more than 400,000 tons of copper in the first half of 2018

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Zambia is a landlocked country located in central Africa. Zambia's mineral resources are very rich, including gold, silver, copper, cobalt and other metal mines; non-metallic minerals such as phosphorus, graphite, mica and emeralds, emeralds, sapphire, sea urchin and other gemstones. Among them, reserves of copper, cobalt, iron, coal and gemstones are particularly abundant.


Zambia is currently the second largest copper producer in Africa. According to media reports, Zambian central bank governor Denny Kalyalya said that Zambia's copper output in the first half of this year increased by 10.6% to 402,222 tons compared with the same period last year.



It is understood that Zambia is located in the world's largest sedimentary copper deposit, the Zan-Gang copper belt, which accounts for 25% of the world's total reserves. In Zambia, a "copper belt" with a length of 220km and a width of 65km was formed. Zambia's copper resources are rich in reserves and high grades. The proven copper reserves are 1.9 billion tons, the basic reserves are 3.5 billion tons, and the average grade is 2.5%.


It can be seen that Zambia's mining investment has good prospects. Some powerful mining enterprises in China should seize the opportunity and actively “go out” to invest in Zambia, which can make up for the shortage of domestic resources and export technical equipment. To contribute to China's economic development.