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The signing ceremony for the second phase of the Sierra Leone School of Law and Enforcement was successfully held

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On March 30, 2016, the signing ceremony for the second phase of the Sierra Leone School of Law and Enforcement was successfully held at the Sierra Leone Police Headquarters. The Sierra Leone Police General Administration, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone, signed a cooperation agreement with the Sierra Leone branch of the Guangjin International Group. Serra police Sheriff Francis A. Munu, Sergeant Assistant Kabia, Engineering Minister Issa, Serra Branch General Manager Wang Haile, Engineer Aruna Boima, and Translation Ye Xiong attended the signing ceremony.

General Manager of the Sierra Branch, Wang Haile (left) and Serra Police Sergeant Francis A. Munu (right)

Before the signing ceremony, the representatives of the two sides conducted in-depth and fruitful discussions. In the discussion, Wang Haile, general manager of the Sierra Branch, gave a detailed introduction to the construction progress of the first phase of the administrative building project of the Peacekeeping Law Enforcement Academy. He said that the signing of this cooperation agreement further deepened the cooperation between the Group and the Sierra Leone government.At the same time, it is also an important step for the Sierra branch to actively explore the construction market in Sierra Leone.

Serra Police Sergeant Francis A. Munu emphasized at the ceremony that it was an important decision of the police headquarters and the national government to select the administrative branch of the Group from the many powerful engineering companies in the Sierra Leone branch.After nearly half a year of project construction, Sergeant Francis A.Menu expressed full recognition and recognition of the project contracting strength of Guangjin Serra Branch and the quality and safety control of the project.He also expressed that on behalf of the Lalion government, the two sides hope that the two sides will take this cooperation as an opportunity to further develop in-depth cooperation.

The Sierra Leone School of Law and Enforcement is located in the MAKOMP area of the North Mackeni, along the direction of the Mackeni to MAGBURAKA highway. It is the first professional institution in the country that integrates police training, technology research and development, and international peacekeeping.It is a branch of the Western Community Peacekeeping Intervention Force. It aims to promote the stability and harmonious development of social, political and economic development in Sierra Leone by cultivating high-quality police personnel to stop conflicts and crack down on illegal and criminal activities.