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Police rectification | 127 police officers in Angola were expelled and 10 were demoted

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According to the Angolan Daily, on December 18, the Angolan National Police General Administration stated that 127 police officers were dismissed for their misconduct (46 of them were imprisoned) and 10 police officers were demoted for violating police discipline.

Angolan police commander-in-chief Paulo Gaspar de Almeida explained that the exiled police officers’ crimes included murder, corruption, bribery, extortion, improper law enforcement, etc.The 10 police officers who were demoted were all accused of fraud.


Almeida said that the National Police will not tolerate any behavior that endangers the safety of citizens, nor will it tolerate acts that undermine the image of the police.He said, "All this is to let the police perform their duties better, fight crime and protect citizens' safety."

Almeida added that senior officers will be punished in the same way if there is illegal behavior in law enforcement operations.

The Angolan authorities are conducting "transparent" operations (from September 25) and "rescue" operations (from November 6),From the outset, the Angolan police have asked for cooperation with citizens and that any crimes committed by the police will be punished.

According to Angolan Daily, at least 17 police and inspectors were accused of extortion, corruption and improper enforcement during the rescue operation in November. There were acts of robbing finance, malfeasance, alcohol abuse and suspected injury.

On December 16, the Angolan National Police issued a notice to punish the police for violations of law and discipline during their mission.Disciplinary action or dismissal of the police in accordance with the National Police Disciplinary Regulations approved by Presidential Decree No. 38/14 of February 19.