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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Guangjin International Group's 2018 year-end commendation and welcome party ended successfully

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Under the eagerness of everyone, on January 12, 2019, Guangjin International Group's 2018 year-end commendation and welcome party opened.Guangjin’s family crossed the threshold of time and was happy to meet a “reunion” gathering。

At the sign-in, the child got his favorite pig figurine, and the employee got his own lottery ticket. Everyone was happy to enter the game!

Sign in (1)

Sign in (2)

Sign in (3)

The party kicked off in the New Year's speech of Liu Haibin, vice president of the group.

The host announced the opening

Mr. Liu’s speech

At the annual meeting, Chen Jiazhong, the chairman of the group, sent a congratulatory message from Zambia, expressing his deepest blessings to Guangjin employees and their families, and also a good hope for the future development of Guangjin.In addition, the overseas branches of the group also sent congratulatory messages, expressing concern and support, and wishing the group business a prosperous future!

Chairman Chen Jia renewed his congratulatory message

This evening, the staff of the 2018 work will be commended.Among them, there are 3 best newcomer awards, 2 excellent employees, 2 pioneering and innovation awards, 2 excellent managers, 1 excellent general manager and 1 excellent team.The leaders attending the party presented honorary certificates and bonuses to the winners and the winning team.

Outstanding newcomer award

Outstanding Staff Award

Pioneering and Innovation Award

Excellent manager award

Excellent general manager award

Excellent team award

The most exciting part of the party was the wonderful programs that everyone brought, which made the atmosphere of the scene climax.The opening dance of the General Department is full of energy and youthfulness.The foreign trade song "Don't think that you are not using" gives us encouragement and comfort.The construction company’s songs and brains are wide open, and they are wonderful...

Program (1)

Program (2)

Program (3)

Program (4)

Program (5)

Program (6)

Program (7)

Program (8)

Program (9)

Program (10)

Program (11)

Program (12)

Program (13)

Program (14)

Program (15)

Program (16)

Program (17)

At the party, in order to thank the staff, 10 commemorative prizes, 10 third prizes, 6 second prizes, 3 first prizes and 1 special prize were held. The applause was repeated and the atmosphere of the party became more and more intense.

Lucky draw (1)

Lucky draw (2)

Lucky draw (3)

This year's annual meeting also has a game link that tests brain power, speed and responsiveness.Everyone has come on stage to participate.The party ended in a harmonious atmosphere.Thanks to everyone for their hard work, 2018, we are full of glory, 2019 new departure, squatting forward!

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