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The zhongmu humanities road across the jialuhe river bridge has been built and opened to traffic as the widest unsupported cable

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At midnight on May 20, zhongmou county humanity road across the jialuhe bridge was officially opened to traffic, marking a new traffic line across the new urban area of the county. It is reported that the single-tower cable-stayed cable-stayed bridge with double cable surface will become the widest cable-stayed structure bridge in Asia.

It is understood that the humanity road spans 890 meters across the jialuhe bridge, with a total length of 526 meters and a width of 55 meters and a total weight of 3,273 tons of steel box girders. The main bridge is an integral bridge, and the approach bridge is divided into three transverse Bridges. Among them, the middle span bridge is the motor vehicle bridge and the side span bridge is the auxiliary road bridge. The main tower of the bridge is prestressed concrete member, the vertical height of tower column is 71.6 meters, the length of cantilever is 8.75 meters, and the Angle between the bridge and the ground is 60 degrees. The decorative tower is the shape of phoenix head konghou (an ancient stringed instrument of the han nationality of China), which has both landscape function and counterweight function, and is arranged with 18 cables in total. The form and height of the tower are rare both at home and abroad.

The construction time of the bridge is more than two years, and the construction of the two main towers is the biggest difficulty of the bridge, a person in charge of the project department of zhongmou of the 11th engineering bureau of China water resources and hydropower bureau, the contractor, told reporters. In the face of adverse factors such as short construction time, construction environment is complex, the construction unit for heavy difficult site preparation of special construction plan, carry out a number of scientific research and technological innovation, optimization of main tower construction craft, the climbing form construction, effectively guarantee the safety of the main tower construction, shorten the main tower every segment of the construction period, improve the quality of the concrete pouring.

The humanity road across the jialuhe bridge was creatively named "konghou yisheng". The bridge scheme originated from konghou, which is a witness of the long history of zhongmu culture. According to the diary of the world world: "konghou city in the southeast of zhongmu county 20 hua li, xishi yanzhi in the construction of konghou to yue ling work." The bridge tower adopts the curved moon facade, coupled with the graceful arc of the phoenix head and the konghou frame, is soft, graceful and powerful, the cable is concise and full of rhythm, like the strings.

It is understood that as the guiding bridge for the landscape channel of the jialuhe river, this bridge is positioned as an ecological bridge and a gateway bridge, and has become a landmark building leading the city image of zhongmu and promoting the city quality.