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Zambian girl: My dream is to go east and go to China.

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Nitin Kaushal, a Zambian girl, graduated from Studied at Hillcrest National Technical High School and currently lives in Lusaka, Zambia, and is applying to study in a Chinese university.Nitin Kaushal is very yearning for China. She said, "My dream is to go east and go to China." The following is a record of her conversation.



In Lusaka, I participated in a Chinese-level competition, organized by an organization in China to promote the spread of the world's largest language and culture in Africa.I sat in a row with ten girls, each of whom was nervously adjusting hairstyles and skirts.I have a number on my prom style dress.

I am a student of the Confucius Institute in Zambia and I am the first to appear. The first round was a speech in Mandarin. I started to speak, but unfortunately, I did not perform well.Then, a brilliant Chinese judge asked me if I could talk about "your dream."

When the audience waited silently, he repeated his question. "What is your aspiration?"I don't want to admit defeat, "My dream..." I said in Mandarin, "My dream is to go east and go to China."

Why is my dream to go to China? Because China's economy is its most powerful propaganda tool in Africa, learning Mandarin and studying in China is regarded as a shortcut to success.



Nowadays, many Africans understand Chinese. Even if they stay in China and do business with Chinese people, they can benefit many people.Considering the “East Look” policy in Africa, I think it is a good idea to study in China for four years.China is very competitive and its technology is improving, which means that I will be exposed to the most advanced things. After returning to China, I will start my different life.

In fact, there are many African girls like me. See how hot Chinese and Chinese culture are in Africa and you will understand.From an international perspective, China does provide real dreams and tools for developing Africa, which is intuitively important for the rise of the African continent.

Friends and relatives around me benefit from China's investment in infrastructure and business development. Anywhere in Zambia, you ask anyone, their attitude towards China is positive, and China is regarded as a land of dreams.The difference between them and me is that they have no ability to go abroad, and I have the opportunity to get to China through hard work.



When I passed the Confucius Institute, I saw a group of children sitting in the classroom in Chinese class, a Chinese face shining in the sun.Another group of children are sitting around the window, staring inside, some giggling, and some waving, a child shouting "hello" in Mandarin.

“Hello,” with Chinese investment, Chinese companies and Chinese immigrants everywhere in Africa, “Hello” will be passed down from generation to generation in the near future.