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The Ethiopian plane crashed without a life, and eight Chinese passengers were killed.

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According to foreign media reports, on the 10th local time, an Ethiopian airliner crashed on the way to Nairobi. A spokesperson of the company confirmed that the aircraft had 149 passengers and 8 crew members.

The Ethiopian aviation spokesperson also said that the incident occurred in the morning of local time. The crashed passenger plane was a Boeing 737 aircraft with the registration number ET-AVJ B-737-800MAX aircraft, which was taken from Asia at 8:38 am local time. The Bale International Airport in Addis Abbe took off and lost contact at 8:44.



Just now, according to the press conference on the press conference, Ethiopian Airlines officially announced that all passengers and crew members of the Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 were killed in the crash. The victims were from 33 countries and there were 8 Chinese on the plane. At present, the Chinese Embassy has launched an emergency mechanism.

According to a statement issued by Egypt Airlines, the aircraft crashed near Debreset, a small town in the eastern Schwarz region of Oromia, Ethiopia.At present, emergency search and rescue operations are underway, and EDF staff will also be sent to the scene and provide emergency services.As of press time, the specific reasons for the crash were not clear.



Founded in 945, Ethiopian Airlines is the largest airline in Africa, flying to 113 destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.According to statistics from the Aviation Safety Network, there have been 64 aviation accidents in Ethiopian Airlines.

Among them, the most recent one occurred on January 10, 2015, when a Boeing 737 freighter landed in Ghana, but fortunately there were no casualties.On January 25, 2010, another Boeing 737 aircraft crashed on the way to Beirut, Lebanon, to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Eighty passengers and eight crew members were killed.

The crashed model was the Boeing 737-MAX8, which was first put into use on October 30, 2018, and was used as a passenger aircraft on November 7, 2018.This model is a new model that was used for commercial passengers last year, but two serious accidents have occurred.

At 6:20 on October 29, 2018, an Indonesian Lions Airlines Boeing 737MAX8 passenger plane lost ground after 13 minutes of take-off and was subsequently confirmed to have crashed in the waters near Karawang, West Java, with 189 passengers on board. The crew were all killed.Boeing then issued a security bulletin, and the US Federal Aviation Administration will also stipulate that US airlines comply with security protocols.



According to a report from the World Wide Web, Boeing had previously issued a security bulletin to all airlines operating Boeing 737-Max aircraft, saying that the sensor may have problems, causing the aircraft to swoop and fall at a large angle.

The current survey of Indonesian Lion Air crashes tends to believe that there is a problem with the flight data sensor and may report incorrect data.Bloomberg said that in some cases, such as when the pilot is flying manually, if the sensor finds that there may be aerodynamic stalls, the 737Max will automatically push the nose down.

After the announcement by Boeing, the US Federal Aviation Administration also issued a statement to issue an airworthiness directive on this issue and “will take appropriate further action based on the results of the investigation”.