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Chinese citizens suspected of illegally selling driver's licenses involved a number of senior officials

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According to Portal de Angola, senior officials of the National Transport Agency of Angola (DNVT) were accused of illegally selling driver's licenses and other documents.The head of the National Police Directorate (Roberto de Almeida) called the scandal "the darkest moment" for the police.

Roberto de Almeida told the National Reporter (OPA?S) when attending a ceremony that it is only suspected of involvement in the case. It is still pending investigation and evidence collection by the judicial authorities. After the conviction of the judicial authorities, the suspects will be immediately removed from the police.

According to the report, the arrest of officials of the National Transportation Bureau was followed by the seizure of a “hundreds of documents” by a Chinese citizen at Luanda International Airport on April 12 this year. Most of the documents were Chinese citizen passports and driver's licenses.

According to police sources, the officials involved include the head of the Office of the Director of the National Transportation Administration, Jo?o de Sousa, the Deputy Inspector Denis, the head of the Cacuaco branch, Ariete, and the driver of the Office of the Director who has not been revealed. It also includes some urban service center officials.

According to the arrested Chinese citizen, he was a member of the illegally sold driver's license network and a senior official of the National Transportation Bureau.Each illegal document (driver's license) is priced at 100,000-200,000 kwanza, and the Chinese who are engaged in construction and trade are the largest customer base of the criminal group.

OPA?S reporter said, "Even if a foreigner who has passed through Angola in the future, the official driver's license obtained through illegal channels can be replaced with a legal driver's license in the country.Moreover, criminals have already started to handle the business after they have performed their duties as former officials of the National Transportation Bureau. ”

The source also indicated that the criminal group was sheltered by the Ministry of the Interior, especially senior police officials, but the arrested person refused to disclose the name of the senior official.In fact, some of the arrested persons are closely related to Concei??o Gomes, the current Director of the National Transportation Bureau, and Madalena, the Deputy Director.