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Zambia National Health Insurance Plan will start at the end of the month

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With the launch of the Zambia National Health Insurance Plan starting at the end of this month, the government plans to collect 100 million Kwachas per month from approximately 700,000 workers (civil servants and formal employees in the private sector).One percent of the monthly salary of each employee will be deducted as a medical insurance fund to be included in the library, and the company or unit will also need to pay another percentage of the insurance fund.

James Capesa, director of the National Health Insurance Administration, said the insurance plan will enable vulnerable groups to receive quality health care without worrying about hospital costs.

“Our target is 300,000 civil servants and 400,000 private sector employees. On average, employees who earn 7500 kWh a month need only pay 75 kWh of insurance funds per month, and his employer company also Will pay 75 grams of Wacha."James Capesa said that by the end of this year, the Authority will have 850,000 people joining the medical insurance fund. Not only do people with work need to be included in the medical insurance plan, but also those with a certain income. The Authority will design an insurance system that can be included in all income-generating citizens.

People under the age of 18 and over 65 are disadvantaged, but cannot contribute to health insurance; they have already maintained their previous insurance with the purchase of some insurance from commercial insurance companies; private hospitals are effective as government medical departments. In addition, it is not mandatory to join the government medical insurance system, but you can apply for it yourself, so that the government can introduce some patients in need to these hospitals through medical insurance.

“We will also include some pharmacies in the medical insurance system, so people in the country’s health institutions can still buy medicines within the scope of medical insurance when they are short of drugs.”

President Lungu signed the National Health Insurance Act last year to achieve the goal of covering universal health insurance.The law requires all citizens who earn income to pay their own monthly income to the National Health Insurance Fund to achieve effective operation of the national public health system.