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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Angolan President authorized the allocation of 2 billion kwanza to purchase security vehicle equipment

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According to the media report. Angolan President Lorenzo issued a presidential decree authorizing the allocation of 1.9 billion kwanza for the Presidential Security Team (USP) and the Presidential Guard (UGP) to purchase 82 vehicles.

President Lorenzo issued a presidential decree for the purchase of 82 vehicle equipment by the Presidential Security Team (USP) and the Presidential Guard (UGP) through a simplified procurement process.The Presidential Decree authorized the Director of Civil Affairs to take full responsibility for the procurement action in accordance with the Public Procurement Law, and the Minister of Finance is responsible for the implementation of the funds.

It is reported that the President of Angola (Vice President, President Rong Xiu) is currently provided by Mercedes-Benz. It has been used since the days of President Santos and is divided into special protective S cars and G off-road vehicles.