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The Angolan government will build “Ministry Square” in Luanda during the year.

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According to the Antong News Agency, the Angolan government will build a comprehensive administrative center in the Praia do Bispo area of Luanda during the year, called “Ministry Square”.The project will be implemented in a public-private partnership through BOT (construction, operation and transfer).

According to the report, the center will have 28 department buildings, a ministerial conference building, a conference center, a judicial college, a cultural palace and a Luanda fair center.

The project was submitted to domestic and foreign investors, including 37 concierge rooms, institutional support service areas, parking lots and other projects.

The center will connect the Angolan National Assembly with the Presidential Palace and will include private sector-specific areas such as commercial centers, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants and other services in an upscale area and green spaces.

According to Manuel Almeida Tavares, Minister of Construction and Public Works, the total contract value of the project has not yet been confirmed. It is for domestic investors and foreign investors. The project duration is about 2 to 3 years, and the investment repayment period is 7 years.

The Angolan government will be responsible for providing land and infrastructure for private investors, including hydropower, sewage treatment, telecommunications, streets, parking lots and green belts, treated water and substations.

Manuel Tavares announced that the government is carrying out the resettlement process for the residents of the project and the cleaning and drainage works of the Chicala channel, which will reconnect to Luanda Bay.

According to media reports in Angola, the project was criticized by the society, especially for the resettlement of families living in the area, which also caused great dissatisfaction among local residents.