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Luanda installed more than 700 surveillance cameras, security management is expected to improve

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On August 12th, Angolan Interior Minister Eugénio César Laborinho visited the Integrated Public Safety Center (CISP) in Luanda to understand the progress of the project, assess the difficulties and the first phase of the project. The implementation of the recommendations.

According to La Bolinho, the center will install surveillance cameras in major blocks to assist defense and security agencies to quickly resolve public safety, criminal activities, traffic accidents and related events that directly affect national security.

La Bolinho expressed satisfaction with the completion of the project and considered it a turning point in the way public safety works. As the center is put into operation, it will ensure closer cooperation between all public safety agencies to make it faster and more Effectively solve security and emergencies.

At the same time, residents encounter a unified alarm call 111 in the event of any emergency, and the center will quickly transfer to the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Health and other security agencies. Special people can also call this number when they are in difficulty.

The first phase of the project will be implemented in Luanda and Benguela. More than 700 surveillance cameras have been installed in Luanda, and Benguela has installed dozens of units to monitor the city's critical roads and public facilities in real time.

According to the report, the center has the most advanced information and communication technology platform on the technology market, which will help defense and security forces ensure public order and social peace, while restraining and deterring criminals.

La Bolinio instructed the team responsible for project operations to continue training, install the latest equipment, database interconnection and technical equipment testing to ensure that everything is ready and fully operational.