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Embassy in Angola hosted the first Sino-Angola cooperation seminar

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On August 29, 2019, the Embassy of Angola, the Scientific Research Center of Angola University and the Luanda Branch of the Bank of China jointly held the first Sino-Angola Cooperation Symposium in Luanda.The Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lopez, the Treasury of the Ministry of Finance and the Secretary of the Treasury, De Souza, the Trade Minister of the Trade Ministry, Nunes, the Audit Court Justice Margaryans, the Foreign Affairs Commission’s Foreign Affairs Director, Lopez, and other party and government officials, Nearly 200 people from all walks of life such as the economy, finance, academia, and media, and representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese attended the event.

In his speech, Ambassador Gong Yi reviewed the fruitful achievements of China-Africa cooperation in the past few years and pointed out that the "One Belt, One Road" initiative and the China-Africa Cooperation Forum mechanism have laid a framework for the future development of China-Africa relations.It also pointed out the direction for bilateral cooperation between China and Angola, and introduced the latest progress in the cooperation between the two countries in improving quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading.Ambassador Gong said that the seminar was the first time that the Chinese Embassy and the Angolan academic institutions jointly carried out Sino-Guangan cooperation research, which filled a gap in the long-term development of bilateral relations and was of great significance.The Chinese side welcomes the academic institutions and all walks of life to continue to make suggestions and contributions to the cooperation between China and Angola, and to push China-Angola strategic partnership to a new level and become a model for China and Africa to build a closer community of destiny.


Ambassador Gong delivered a speech


Seminar site


At the meeting, Daro, director of the Center for Scientific Research of the Catholic University, published a research report on the significance of the "eight major actions of China-Africa cooperation on China-Africa relations."Li Zhizhen, Director of the African Office of the Institute of Western Asian Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Zhang Xingrong, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of International Finance of the Bank of China, were invited to give a speech on the theme of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the China-Africa Financial Cooperation. In-depth exchanges and discussions were conducted. The guests also visited the “Zhongan Cooperation Achievement Photo Exhibition”.

Local mainstream media such as Angola’s National Television, Angola Daily, and ZIMBO TV have reported extensively on the seminar.


Director of the Scientific Research Center Daro Sofa Report


Academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Bank of China


Participants visited the photo exhibition