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Zambian Foreign Minister Meets with Assistant Minister of African Affairs of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying that he will strengthen bilateral relations

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On October 19, Zambian Foreign Minister Joseph Malanji met with visiting Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong at his official residence.Malanji said during the talks that he firmly believes that China and Zambia will broaden the bilateral cooperation between the two countries, thus benefiting the people of both sides.

Malanji first expressed his gratitude to China for its support over infrastructure development, medical capacity building, trade and investment in Zambia over the past 55 years."In the past 55 years, friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries have been strengthened. Frequent exchanges of visits between high-level officials, enhanced trade relations, and firm implementation of bilateral cooperation have clearly confirmed this." Malanji said.

In addition, Malanji also expressed his expectation of the realization of the cooperation agreement signed by the two heads of state during President Lungu’s visit to China last year. These cooperation include the construction of industrial parks, the export of Zambian honey to China, the construction of public facilities, the investment in Zambian manufacturing and the mineral processing industry.Malanji emphasized that the cooperation between the two countries is based on mutual trust and mutual respect, and promises that the Zambian government will continue to work to strengthen friendly relations between the two countries on bilateral and multilateral occasions.

During the talks, Chen Xiaodong said that China had established diplomatic relations with Zambia five days after its independence. At present, there are 38 projects that are jointly implemented or about to be implemented by the two countries.At the same time, it is pleased that Zambia has been able to maintain a stable “peace oasis” for many years. In addition to Chen Xiaodong, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie also accompanied the meeting.