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Angola starts construction of the first light rail next year with a total investment of about 3 billion US dollars

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According to Antong News Agency, Angolan Transport Minister Ricardo de Abreu revealed that Luanda will open the first light rail next year with a total investment of about 3 billion US dollars and a total length of 149 kilometers.

Ricardo de Aporio pointed out that the Luanda Light Rail is one of the priorities of the Angolan administration, with the aim of solving the country’s traffic congestion problems, especially the capital, in order to achieve greater mobility and reduce traffic congestion in Luanda.

According to the report, the light rail will cover the main axis of Luanda, namely Luanda a Cacuaco, Avenida Fidel Castro Ruz-Benfica, Porto de Luanda- Largo da ? Independência e Cidade do Kilamba - ?1? de Maio.

Ricardo de Aporio said in the "Wonderful Interview" program on the Angolan Public Television (TPA) that a feasibility study on the groundwater level is in place.He added that the investment will be carried out within the framework of a public-private partnership, and its terms are “very clear”, but its model is still in the approval stage and will enter the construction phase after formal approval.

If the Luanda Light Rail Project is completed, it will undoubtedly ease the traffic congestion in Luanda. For the Angolan people, the light rail is also a new travel option. They don’t have to wait for a long queue of crowded minibuses.