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Angola's Henan Chamber of Commerce organizes donation to donate

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Recently, the Angolan Henan Chamber of Commerce received a letter of assistance from Gao Yaya, the daughter of Wang Yongxia, an old fellow, saying that his mother is infected with malaria and is in serious condition and needs to be transferred to South Africa for treatment. As the cost of treatment increases, the family is overwhelmed. Can help with both hands.




Wang Yongxia, a 44-year-old from Henan Province, suffered from immunological hemolytic anemia and severely decreased hemoglobin index due to malaria infection. On November 23, he was transferred to Clinica Girassol Hospital in Luanda for treatment. The daily hospitalization cost was 4 million kwanzas.After three treatments that did not improve, the hospital recommended a systemic blood transfusion, but Angola does not have such conditions and must be transferred to South Africa for treatment as soon as possible.



After receiving the letter of help, the Secretary-General of Henan Chamber of Commerce Dou Qingkun, under the arrangement of President Chen Jiazhong, Chairman of Guangjin International Group, verified the matter and immediately launched a charity fundraising event within the Chamber of Commerce.In the economic downturn and the sharp decline in earnings, everyone learned that their siblings were in critical condition. When they needed help urgently, everyone extended their help. Within a few days, they received 2.33 million kwanzas and 8980 yuan.


On November 29, Wang Yongxia was transferred to the local hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa for systemic blood exchange. The patient is currently in a good condition in South Africa.Wang Yanli of the 13th Bureau of Reclaimed Water, while on a business trip in South Africa, also devoted time to represent the Henan Chamber of Commerce to the hospital to visit his fellow villagers.



On December 5, Secretary-General Dou Qingkun exchanged the donated funds into RMB in accordance with the black market exchange rate on the day and transferred it to Wang Yongxia's daughter Gao Yaya via WeChat. Her daughter thanked all the caring Chinese for their care and help.


After Wang Yongxia's condition was announced in the Chinese circle, many caring people volunteered to donate blood, and some Chinese donated to Wang Yongxia through their love.Wang Yongxia, a Chinese of Henan origin, Chen Jiazhong, Chairman of Henan Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Guangjin International Group, would like to thank all the loving Chinese who helped and supported her!