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"Cultural China, Spring in Four Seas" Come to Ann to Celebrate the Festival!

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On the afternoon of December 13, 2019, the preparatory meeting of "Four Seas and the Same Spring" held its second meeting in Chinatown.Counsellor Yang Gang from the embassy led two consuls, Lu Wenbin and Yang Lirong, to attend the meeting. Yao Lihong, Chen Wanghua, Zhu Xiangzeng, Zhao Bin, Wang Hao, Liu Xiaoguo, Lu Jianfeng, Liu Guiying, Liu Guofeng, Zhao Jiaqiang, Wang Chuanbin, Zhu Jinlin, He Aihao, Wang Yanqing, Duo Qingkun, Xu Guoquan, Ding Xiu, etc. meeting. The meeting was chaired by Huang Yuequan, president of the Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce.



Counselor Yang Gang said that the Spring Festival Gala of "Four Seasons in the Same Spring" is a national lineup. Not only are there many national treasure artists, but more importantly, it has both national art and traditional programs. It is an important carrier of profound Chinese culture.This is the first performance performed by the Overseas Chinese Federation after the restructuring of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. It is also the first time for the first overseas performance of the Chinese ambassador to choose an Angola after the restructuring.The ambassador attaches great importance to it and decided to host the "Four Seas and One Spring" by the General Chamber of Commerce of Jiangsu, Angola and the "African Overseas Chinese Weekly and People's Daily Overseas Edition Africa Weekly".He advocated that the Angolan Chinese people should develop a sense of participation and participate in the activities of "Four Seas and the Same Spring". This will allow us to unite and enhance our level of unity and cooperation, and also take this opportunity to show the good image of Angolan Chinese to the world. He drew everyone's attention on some matters, especially safety.



Huang Yuequan, president of the Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce, said that "Four Seas in the Spring" is linked and coordinated by the "African Overseas Chinese Weekly and People's Daily Overseas Edition Africa Weekly", and in accordance with the Chinese Embassy in Angola "will allow more Chinese compatriots to feel the gift of the motherland The warmth of coming and a warm and happy New Year "requirements, Bella City Conference Center, which can accommodate 3,000 spectators, was selected as the venue for the" Four Seas and Spring "evening party.The cost of the "Four Seasons in the Spring" evening party was first sponsored by Chinatown and the Angolan Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce at 10 million Kwanza. Other co-organized overseas Chinese delegations and units will voluntarily sponsor it. , Will be donated to the local elderly home or orphanage, the specific recipient unit, mainly sponsor overseas Chinese delegations, units to discuss the decision.Huang Yuequan said that the significance of holding the "Four Seas in One Spring" is that everyone participates together under the leadership of the embassy to enhance the cohesion and collaboration of Chinese Angolans. In the future, the overseas Chinese groups will better serve their member units and Chinese compatriots. In order to work more effectively, he proposed the establishment of a working group of "Four Seas and One Spring".



After discussions and recommendations, the working group was composed of Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce, China General Chamber of Commerce, Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Anhui Chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce, Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association, and Women's Federation. The specific work of each group member was divided. The meeting was successfully concluded.


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