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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Guangjin International Group Angola Branch's 2019 Working Conference Held Successfully

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On January 3 and 4, 2020, Guangjin International Group Angola Trade Branch and Angola Construction Branch held the 2019 end-of-year summary conference in the conference room and headquarters of Guangjin 4S, respectively.The conference summarized and reviewed the various business management tasks in 2019, and made arrangements for the next year.


Angola construction co.


All the managers of Angola Construction Branch attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Shukui.


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First, Li Xianguo, the general manager of the construction company, gave an opening speech, elaborated the growth process of the construction company in 2019, encouraged and praised the work of each department, and encouraged all staff to continue to develop the market.


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Construction company Tian Hongliang will report on the work in 2019 on behalf of the marketing department and the market bidding department. Report on the achievements made in 2019 and what new projects have been developed.At the same time, it analyzed the list of signed projects in 2019, and proposed to continue to develop new projects while maintaining the existing projects, so that all personnel are prepared for the new development projects, and made all concessions for signing new projects. Finally, it summarizes the shortcomings of the market bidding department and the marketing department in 2019 and proposes solutions.


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Finance Manager Qiu Ming made a financial work report for 2019, summarized and reported the output value in 2019 with data, and summarized the direct proportion of various costs (materials, projects, and management costs). It also puts forward strict requirements for the contract data of new development projects in 2020. At the same time, regular audits of projects under construction should be conducted to avoid loopholes.


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Construction company Li Shukui gave a report on the work of the Engineering Department in 2019. The operation status of the project in 2019 was summarized and reported, and the cost and profit of the project under construction were analyzed in detail. And it is proposed that the project in 2020 should have standardized management, civilized management, and vertical management, and must have a sense of responsibility.The management team must also continue to grow, increase fresh blood, scientific and effective management engineering, standardize and diversify the use of labor, diversify business development, deepen audit work and improve the company's soft power.


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Finally, Li Xianguo, general manager of the Angolan construction company, made a closing speech. I affirmed 2019, and continued to look forward to 2020. I hope that all employees will work hard and have the ability to think independently, actively learn, standardize management, and civilized construction, and continue to work hard to achieve the 2020 goal.


Angola trading co.


Angolan trading company's 2019 year-end summary meeting was delivered by the general manager of the trading company Dou Qingkun. He indicated that 2019 is an extraordinary year. With the economic situation in Angola continuing to deteriorate and Kwanza continuing to depreciate, the trading company is With unremitting efforts, we have not only maintained good results compared with last year, but also made major breakthroughs in new projects.


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Then Chen Shengheng, on behalf of Trade One Company, carried out the work summary of Trade One Company in 2019 and the plan for 2020. He stated that in 2020, it is necessary to increase the development efforts of local customers, find more cooperation with local companies, and improve Chinese repairman technology. Recruitment and training of local repairmen.


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Wang Yanbing of Trade 2 and Li Tinghao of Trade 3 also reported on the work summary of Trade 2 and Trade 3 in 2019, and put forward new requirements for work in 2020.


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Finally, the general manager of the Angolan trading company summarized the work for the whole year of 2019, and made new arrangements for the work in 2020. It required the stabilization of existing customers, encouraged the development of new customers, and actively paid attention to new business development.He pointed out that 2020 will also be a difficult year for the import trade. To achieve business breakthroughs, we need to be more proactive in expanding our business. We must always believe that things are man-made, and we will get rewards as long as we give. We believe that under the leadership of the group, we will be able to Complete new tasks and challenges.


In the new year of 2020, the Angola branch of Guangjin International Group will continue to go through the storms, work together, and work hard together to continue to write a new chapter in Guangjin.