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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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2019 Guangjin International Group's year-end commendation and welcome party ends successfully

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On January 4, 2020, the year-end commendation and welcome party of Guangjin International Group arrived as scheduled. "Working together, creating the future together" everyone greeted the grand opening of the ceremony together at this moment.


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Message from the Chairman


The party kicked off with a unique opening video and a new year speech by Chairman Chen Jiazhong.


Domestic Excellent Employee Award


Domestic Excellent Manager Award


Angola Outstanding Staff Award


Angola Outstanding Manager Award


Zambia Outstanding Employee Award


Zambia Outstanding Manager Award


Outstanding General Manager Award


Pioneering Innovation Award


Outstanding Team Award


This evening, we will commend all employees who have performed outstandingly at home and abroad in 2019.Including three outstanding domestic employees, one outstanding domestic manager, three outstanding Angola employees, two outstanding Angola managers, two outstanding employees in Zambia, one outstanding manager in Zambia, two outstanding general managers, and a pioneering innovation award One.The leaders present at the party awarded honorary certificates and prizes to the winners and the winning teams.


Dance "Flower Messenger"


Shaolin Martial Arts


Song "Meet"


Dance "Happy Imagination"


Acrobatic "Happy Chef"


Essay "Parent Meeting"


Recite "University"


Dance "Latir Festival"


Sichuan Opera changed its face


Song "Little Swallow"


Song "Super Star"


Crosstalk "So entrepreneurial"


The Clown "Balloon Master"


Dance "The Moonlight At This Time"


Song "I Love You China"


Chorus "I Believe"


Opening dance "protecting the messenger", martial arts performance, sketch "parents meeting", cross talk "so entrepreneurship", acrobatics "happy chef", traditional cultural Sichuan opera changed face, song "I love you China", chorus "I believe" ... ... The wonderful show makes the atmosphere climax one after another.


First prize


second prize


Third prize


Lucky prize


At the party, in order to thank the employees, 15 commemorative prizes, 10 third prizes, 3 second prizes, and 1 first prize were drawn. The applause at the scene was more and more intense.


Dinner Party (1)


Dinner Party (2)


Take a group photo (1)


Take a group photo (2)


After the wonderful program, a delicious dinner ushered in, and the party ended successfully in a harmonious atmosphere. Thank you to everyone for your hard work in 2019. We are full of glory in 2019, and we will work together in 2020 to create the future!


(Note: For more exciting photos, please pay attention to the public account of Guangjin International Group, which can be obtained by replying to the Guangjin Annual Meeting in the background)