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Embassy in Angola holds symposium on epidemic prevention

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On March 12, the Embassy in Angola held a symposium on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Ambassador Gong Tao presided over and spoke.Counselor Li Yongjun, Counselor Li Guangming, and GM Guo Sen, Deputy General Manager of CITIC Construction Africa Division, Chairman of Angola's Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, Zhao Bin, Vice Chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce, Zhou Zugang, Captain of the Fifth Aid Medical Team, China Railway Fourth Bureau Chen Hua, the president of the hospital, and Su Guangyong, the chairman of Zhongtai Senda Group, attended the meeting.

Representative Guo Sen reported the recent prevention and control measures and experience adopted by member units at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in China. He said that under the leadership of the embassy, he would further improve the emergency plan, strengthen guidance and management for employees, and work together to fight epidemic prevention.On behalf of Anqiao and the majority of overseas Chinese, Zhao Bin talked about how to balance production and operation with sanitation and epidemic prevention. He expressed his willingness to serve member units and mobilize forces in the Anqiao Regiment to cooperate with the embassy to do relevant work.The medical team of the medical aid team and the representatives of the two Chinese-funded hospitals introduced the emergency treatment process from the perspective of professional prevention and treatment, and put forward corresponding opinions and suggestions.

In his speech, Ambassador Gong first affirmed the patriotism, awareness of the community of shared destiny of China and the Republic of China and the high sense of responsibility shown by the enterprises, institutions and overseas Chinese missions in the country since the outbreak. Thank you for your work in epidemic prevention and control.Ambassador Gong briefed you on the recent changes in the epidemic situation at home and abroad, and pointed out that the development of the epidemic has entered a new stage. Angola is facing greater risks of epidemic import. All overseas Chinese in Ango should continue to be highly vigilant and pay close attention to various control requirements At the same time, we will further investigate the omissions and deficiencies in the early epidemic prevention work, make up the shortcomings, and resolutely achieve the ultimate victory of the epidemic prevention fight.Ambassador Gong emphasized that all units should focus on seven areas of work: first, to further improve their political standing and fully understand the importance of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The second is to strengthen the joint prevention and control mechanism among embassies, Chinese-funded enterprises, overseas Chinese delegations, medical teams and Chinese-funded hospitals. The third is to continue to strengthen epidemic prevention publicity, actively carry out epidemic prevention education and training, and guide employees to overcome panic. The fourth is to formulate an emergency response plan in advance. Fifth, it is necessary to effectively gather less, do a good job in personnel registration and daily temperature monitoring. Sixth, abnormal conditions should be reported in time. Seventh, we must strictly abide by local epidemic prevention laws and regulations, and assume social responsibilities during epidemic prevention.

The Chinese Embassy in Angola will continue to strengthen communication and coordination with the competent authorities of Angola, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in Angola, and promptly inform relevant overseas Chinese and provide assistance.