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Guangjin International Group Zambia Branch celebrates the Yellow Emperor Ceremony

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On the occasion of the third day of the lunar calendar, Chinese overseas Chinese in Zambia hosted the "Greeting Ceremony for Chinese Overseas Chinese in Zambia in the Gengzi Year" at the Blue Sky Hotel in Lusaka on March 15th, local time. The ancestor "Xuanyuan Huangdi.General Manager Deng Guomin of Guangjin Zambia Branch, as the vice president of the Chinese Henan Association of the Township, and five members of Guangjin participated in the ceremony.



The event was co-sponsored by the Chinese Overseas Chinese Association of Zambia, the Chinese Association of Henan and the Chinese Overseas African Weekly, organized and coordinated by the China International Cultural Exchange Association, and actively responded to various organizations including the Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia and the Women's Federation of Zambia.The important members who participated in worship include: Wu Ming, Executive Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Association and Ye Shipeng, Luan Chunmin, Chairman of the Chinese Henan Association, and Hao Yuming, Deng Guomin, and Che Zhongmei, Liu Guifen, Zambia Dean Zhang Run and Dr. Sander of the Confucius Institute of the University.ZNBC, the national television station of Zambia, was filmed and broadcast on Zambian TV at the invitation of the Overseas Chinese Weekly in Africa.

There are nine agendas in the ceremony, namely, the worship of the ancestors, the offering of flower baskets, the opening of worship, the worship of worship, the worship of worship, the singing of carols, the worship of music and dance, and the blessing of China and heaven and earth.

On the day of the event, two compatriots and four Zambian drummers played drums and sang together to celebrate the opening of the worship ceremony.



The leaders of the Chinese Association of Henan Fellows Luan Chunmin and Dr. Sande Ngalande stated in succession that although this event was held for the first time in Africa, it was warmly welcomed by Zambian Chinese and Zambian society."Xinzheng worships the ancestors and worships them high", the ceremony of worshiping the ancestors allows more Chinese children to understand the long-standing history of the Chinese nation and remember the roots of the descendants of Yan and Huang.The ceremony held in Zambia to worship Xuanyuan Huangdi together will help to promote the exchange of traditional culture between China and Zambia and pray for the long-lasting friendship between China and Zambia.




Wu Ming, the Executive Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Association, read the "Ancestral Worship" on behalf of the entire audience. The worshipers at the scene were immersed in the ritual sense of this ancient culture, and their admiration arose.



During the opening ceremony, General Manager Deng Guomin offered a sacrifice and stepped back, and bowed respectfully with three bows.




The members of Guangjin sang "Ode to the Yellow Emperor". Since the Bing Dynasty, Huangdi ’s ancestral song has been changed from "Xuanyuan Huangdi Song" to "Huang Di Song". The whole song is long, fresh and airy, making people feel respectful and active.



The dance "Music and Worship" expresses the sentiment of worshipping the ancestors of the overseas Chinese in Zambia. The dancers held peacock feathers and danced in a graceful manner, which aroused applause from the audience.



Pray for Chinese blessing. General Manager Deng Guomin wrote down the word "Ankang", and wished the country stability and prosperity.






The sacrifice to the Emperor Xuanyuan is a traditional sacrificial ceremony for the Chinese nation.In the Tang Dynasty, the sacrifice of the Emperor Huangdi was listed as a national ritual. Afterwards, it passed through five generations and ten countries, including Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing, and passed down from generation to generation.The worship of ancestors strengthened the fellowship of overseas Chinese and compatriots overseas, and strengthened their sense of national identity and cultural roots.

No matter where they are, Guangjin people will keep their heart in the motherland, sincerely unite, inherit the fine traditions, and promote the Chinese civilization.