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[Angola] 12,000 people were arrested in 45 days of emergency

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On May 11, Angola police spokesman Valdemar José announced at the police briefing that on the 45th day after Angola entered a state of emergency, there were nearly 3,000 fewer crimes than in the same period last year, but he was arrested 12,000 people.


Between March 27 and May 10, a total of 2,943 crimes occurred, of which 59% were resolved, for a total of 1,740.Among them, the number of homicides decreased by 82 compared with the same period last year, the number of sexual assaults decreased by 61, the number of robberies decreased by 855, the thefts decreased by 1435, and the crime of intentional injury decreased by 329.


During the same period, 1,028 citizens who violated the national emergency regulations were arrested, of which 3,121 were illegally engaged in the operation of motorcycles, 2,539 were overloaded, 2004 obstructed official duties due to disobedience, 68 gathered for religious activities, 37 violated the rules, and 60 were cheated Price, 17 people bribes, 11 people illegally own guns, 5 people are suspected of intentional injury, 3 people are trying to forcibly pass through the road law enforcement officers.


In addition, 4161 citizens were detained for crossing the border illegally, 1375 people were prosecuted, and another 16265 people were arrested for “staying in public places for no reason”. 9563 business premises and markets were ordered to close.


On May 9, Angola's President Lorenzo issued a presidential decree announcing the extension of the national emergency for another 15 days to May 25 and adjusting some control measures.