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Chinese Ambassador to Angola Gong Tao attended the handover ceremony of Chinese military aid to Angola's anti-epidemic materials

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On June 4, 2020, the Chinese Army's emergency aid to the Angolan people and army to fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic was delivered by the Chinese Air Force to Luanda Air Base.Chinese Ambassador to Angola Gong Tao, the Secretary of State for National Defense Policy of the Ministry of National Defence and Veterans, Lima, the Director of the National Defense Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Defence and Veterans, Epalanga, and the Director of the General Staff of the Ministry of Health, Elberto, attended the meeting. Material handover ceremony held at the base.



Ambassador Gong said at the ceremony that China and Ann are good partners and brothers. In recent years, the relations between the two countries have continued to develop, and the cooperation between the two militaries has become increasingly close.Since the outbreak, the two countries have supported and helped each other and continued to carry out anti-epidemic cooperation.The Chinese army resolutely implements President Xi Jinping's idea of a community of shared destiny between China and Africa, which has provided important assistance to the Angolan armed forces in their anti-epidemic work.It is believed that the two countries and the two armies will achieve the final victory in the fight against epidemic disease through joint efforts and full cooperation.After the epidemic is over, the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two armies and the various fields will surely be further developed.


Lima thanked China for providing anti-epidemic material assistance to Angolan and expressed that Angolan attaches great importance to the friendly relations between the two armed forces and is willing to work with China to further promote the development of bilateral military relations and friendly cooperation in various fields to combat the epidemic.At present, the shelter hospital managed by An Jun has been completed. The An thanks to China for providing support and convenience for the equipment and materials needed for the construction of hospitals purchased from China. It is willing to continue to learn from China’s successful medical treatment experience and do well in the operation and treatment of shelter hospitals jobs.



During the handover ceremony, Ambassador Gong Tao and the Secretary of State of Lima signed a handover certificate for the aid of anti-epidemic materials from the two armies.The Chinese military aid materials include N95 masks, ordinary medical masks, medical protective clothing, gloves, boot covers, goggles, frontal temperature guns, thermal imaging temperature measurement helmets and so on.