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Luanda Police Force will increase by another 20,000

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According to the increase in the number of urban residents, the Angolan National Police needs to add another 20,000 police forces in order to fully guarantee the maintenance of public order and security in the capital Luanda. It is estimated that Luanda has more than 10 million residents.



Due to the increase in the population density of the city, the public safety of this most populous city in Angola is guaranteed by 20,000 police, which is still lower than expected.

Waldemar José, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, said in an assessment of activities carried out by the police law enforcement force in the state of public disaster in the new crown epidemic country that the government's lack of money has affected the police department's plan to increase police strength.

Valdemar Jose said that 93% of the public budget is used for salary. It is not that government leaders have no will. Officials of the National Police said that, in fact, there was no extra funds to pay the salaries of redundant personnel.Under the current public disaster situation, some staff members are working hard to maintain the prevention and control measures of the new crown epidemic, while others continue to be responsible for maintaining public order and safety.

Due to the shortage of police law enforcement personnel, Waldemar José asked the public to provide support and help to avoid attending parties to cut off the transmission of the new coronavirus between families.