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Angola's international foreign exchange reserves are 15.45 billion U.S. dollars

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According to the Angola Daily News on August 3, according to data on the website of the National Bank of Angola (BNA), the country’s total international foreign exchange reserves in July reached US$15.45 billion.



According to BNA data, the highest value in July was 15.476 billion US dollars and the lowest was 15.257 billion US dollars. In June, May and April, Angola’s international foreign exchange reserves were US$15.577 billion, US$16.257 billion and US$16.413 billion respectively.

As for the net international foreign exchange reserves, it was 10.265 billion US dollars in July. Initially, their amount was 11.331 billion U.S. dollars, which showed the management ability of the currency and foreign exchange authorities, because the decline in international oil prices led to a decrease in income in the country’s foreign exchange accounts.

In general, such foreign exchange reserves can support import needs for more than 11 months. Raw materials and medicines are the import priority of the Angolan government.