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Finance Department team building || Badminton match up!

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In order to improve team cohesion and enhance team feelings, on August 29, 2020, all employees and their families of the Finance Department of Guangjin International Group conducted a departmental team building activity in a gymnasium of a primary school near the company.Here, everyone spent a rare leisure time.

The main content of this event is to conduct a badminton game, which is divided into two teams: AC team and BD team. The AC team is composed of Feng Hongling, Wang Lei, Chen Jiafeng, Lu Lixia, Cui Yujia and Feng Chaohe; the BD team is composed of Xing Huitian, Wang Xingchen, Liu Xiaoliang, Guo Jiabao, Zhang Zhicheng, and Wei Xiaoling.First, Liu Xiaoliang explained the rules of the game and the scoring rules. After everyone had a simple warm-up, the game officially started.


Xing Huitian VS Wang Lei; Wei Xiaoling VS Lu Lixia


Feng Hongling VS Liu Xiaoliang


Zhang Zhicheng VS Feng Chaohe


Cui Sechang VS Chen Jiafeng


After half an hour of fierce singles match, everyone was heartily. The result of the match was temporarily tied with AC team and BD team 3:3. After a short break, we ushered in the deciding game-mixed doubles!


Wang Xingchen, Wei Xiaoling VS Xing Huitian, Wang Lei


Guo Jiabao, Zhang Zhicheng VS Cui Yujia, Feng Chaohe


Feng Chaohe, Chen Jiafeng VS Cui Yujia, Cui Shichang


After several rounds of intense single-doubles, the AC team finally won 5:3 against the BD team. Before the game, we prepared a small surprise prize for the winning team. Now start to distribute prizes!




Although this event only lasted for half a day, it allowed all colleagues in the Finance Department to be more familiar with and understand each other, and to better integrate together after work. Exercise together, laugh together, and work hard together for the victory of the team. Everyone has exerted their strength in the team they belong to.



Group photo


Through this event, we felt the power of the team. An excellent team possesses an excellent culture of unity, trust and collaboration.I believe that in this event, everyone has benefited a lot, and at the same time it has enhanced the relationship between colleagues and deepened other communication and exchanges outside of work.At the same time, I believe that everyone will transform the experience and feelings of this event into practical actions and apply them to actual work. On the platform of Guangjin International Group, they will give play to the spirit of teamwork and contribute to the development of the group. power!