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The Angolan government will continue to increase its anti-epidemic efforts to stop the spread of the new coronavirus in the community

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Angolan President Lorenzo stated in his State of the Union address to the National Assembly on October 15 that the Angolan government will continue to increase the country's anti-epidemic efforts to stop the community spread of the new crown virus.


President Lorenzo said that in response to the epidemic, the Angolan government has established 161 rapid response teams and increased the number of beds in health and medical institutions.According to him, the number of beds for patients with new coronary pneumonia in the country increased from 625 to 5,000, and the number of beds for intensive care increased from 289 to 1,229.


As for the prevention and control of the epidemic, President Lorenzo stated that the Angolan government has spent 43 billion kwanzas and purchased 640 tons of biosafety materials, laboratory equipment, kits, hospital beds, more than 700 ventilators and anti-epidemic drugs.President Lorenzo also highlighted that the Angolan government is establishing five molecular biology and serology laboratories for Huambo, Luanda, Lunda Norte and Uige provinces, all of which will increase the country’s daily sample testing volume. To 13,000 copies.


In addition, the Special Economic Zone (ZEE) in Luanda Province, Angola has established a new crown pneumonia treatment center, Cabinda and Lunda Norte provinces have established field hospitals, and field hospitals in Zaire, Uige and Cunene are also under construction.


President Lorenzo also stated that 15,367 health professionals have received biosafety training to deal with new coronary pneumonia cases, thereby reducing the impact of the disease on the local people in Angola and improving their medical services.