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Angola||The first batch of new crown vaccines arrive in February, free vaccination

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On December 21, the country’s Minister of Health Sylvia Lutukta assured the Council of Ministers that Angola will start receiving the first vaccine against Covid-19 in February 2021.


The Minister of Health stated in the news that this date is in line with the plan "Angola receives vaccines from Covax".


She also said: "12 million doses of vaccine will not arrive in the country at the same time." Hopefully, vaccines will continue to arrive in April.


The minister stated that the new crown vaccine in Angola is free and Covax will fund the vaccine.Therefore, the Angolan government will bear business expenses and strengthen cold chain transportation management.


Regarding the conditions for receiving vaccines, Sylvia Lutukta stated that the Angolan government will complete the logistics guarantee conditions for vaccines, including vaccine storage, by January 2021.


The Council of Ministers approved the national vaccination plan against COVID-19, which is divided into two phases.The first stage targets will include people over 40 years old and people at high risk of exposure.The second stage will be aimed at marketers, public service drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers among the 20 to 39-year-olds.