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Angola launches new crown pneumonia vaccination work

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According to the Angolan News Agency, Angola launched a large-scale vaccination against the new crown pneumonia on March 6, local time, first with the vaccination of health professionals in the country.


The Minister of Health of Angola stated that 20% of the country’s population will be vaccinated in the first phase, and the Angolan government’s goal is to vaccinate 52% of the country’s population.


It is understood that Angola received the first batch of 624,000 doses of vaccine from the "New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan" on March 2. This is only part of the 2.172 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine provided to Angola by the "New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan". The remaining vaccines will arrive in Angola by the end of May this year.


It is estimated that by the end of June, Angola will receive a total of 6.4 million doses of the new crown pneumonia vaccine to meet the needs of the first phase of the Angolan vaccination plan. In addition, Angola has also received support from the United Nations and received US$6.2 million worth of reagents and biosafety materials.


The Minister of Health of Angola also reiterated the COVID-19 vaccination procedures. He pointed out that the authorities have strict vaccine procurement, management, and vaccination channels, and the administrative department will not give vaccines to private clinics.