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Angola Criminal Investigation Bureau seizes dozens of wild animal jerky

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A few days ago, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (SIC) of Kuando-Cubango Province seized at least 750 kilograms of deer, wild boar, wild goat and other wild animal jerky in Mavinga National Park.It is reported that poachers slaughtered these animals and made jerky for sale.


SIC spokesperson Paulo Dias de Novais said that the dried meat was packed in six bags, each weighing 150 kilograms, and was transported by a Toyota Hilux pickup truck that was intercepted near Menongue at dawn. The driver and the jerky have been submitted to the prosecutor as criminal evidence.


According to the "Angola Daily", the police seized the dried meat and vehicles based on the information provided by the informant, which was originally planned to be transported to Luanda.Paulo Dias de Novais stated that the owner of the jerky is still on the run, and the national police and other departments are still pursuing the hunt, including poachers.


The provincial environmental director Júlio Bravo said that we need to provide environmental inspectors with four-wheel drive vehicles to strengthen national park patrols, because the province of Cuando-Cubango has always been a center for illegal poaching, illegal slaughter and dried meat sales, especially protected. wild animals.


He warned that Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are jointly implementing the Okavango-Zambezi International Tourism Project Angola Mavega and Luenge-due to the high rate of slaughter of wild animals. The species of animals in Luana Park may decrease.