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Angola||President Lourenzo meets with Chinese Ambassador to Angola Gong Tao

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Ann News Agency reported that on March 30, China's ambassador to Angola Gong Tao met with the country's President Lorenzo and held talks on strengthening cooperation between the two countries to combat Covid-19.



Angola received 200,000 doses of the national medicine vaccine against Covid-19 donated by the Chinese government on the 25th. The vaccine will be distributed in some provinces of Angola.


Ambassador Gong Tao was in a news interview at the end of the talks. In addition to introducing China and Angola’s cooperation in politics, economy, trade and investment, he also expressed China’s willingness to continue to support Angola and the international community’s efforts to combat Covid-19.


Gong Tao also praised Angola's move to open up the use of Chinese vaccines in accordance with the bilateral agreement and the World Health Organization's Covax initiative, which is mainly to ensure that developing countries have equitable access to immunization against the pandemic.He also emphasized that China has contributed more than 6 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to developing countries under the Covax initiative.


Gong Tao also praised the good results of the Angolan government in the economic and social fields and in improving the business environment for foreign investment.He also expressed the hope that China and Angola will continue to strengthen cooperation in the fields of industry, trade, infrastructure construction, agriculture, information technology, agribusiness and personnel training.